Labrador T Shirts
1.2 Million: Shelter dogs die each year
  • 10% of all sales go towards saving death row dog's
  • You cant change a dog's past
  • But you could rewrite their future
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10% of all sales help save shelter Labradors
Labrador Retriever Premium Tee ($19.00 - 24.00)
Labrador Retriever Hoodie ($34.00 - 45.00)
Labrador Retriever Leggings ($39.99)
Labrador Retriever Coffee Mug ($14.00 - 20.00)
Each piece of Labrador clothing sold gives hope to a dog in need

Labrador T Shirts

On principle, Americans agree on very little.  Mention the government, foreign policy, welfare, even something as inconsequential as sporting events and you are liable to have a verbal fight if not a physical one. 

The difference of opinions is one of the corner stones of American society, but there is some things the nation as a whole agree on.  One of those is the superiority of the Labrador.   The Labrador Retriever is America's most popular breed and our Labrador apparel sells accordingly.

Originally bred to be both a companion and a working dog, the breed typically earned its keep as a fisherman's helper.  Even today, this breed isn't only used for companionship: the Labrador works as a retriever for hunters, an assistant to the handicapped and a search and rescue canine. 

With these abilities, it is easy to see why Americans love the breed so much.  Odds are, you either own or know someone who owns a Labrador.  Buy our Labrador tshirts today to show your appreciation for the breed!

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