Boxer T Shirts
1.2 Million: Shelter dogs die each year
  • 10% of all sales go towards saving death row dog's
  • You cant change a dog's past
  • But you could rewrite their future
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10% of all sales help save shelter Boxers
Boxer Premium Tee ($19.00 - 24.00)
Boxer Hoodie ($34.00 - 45.00)
Boxer Leggings ($39.99)
Boxer Coffee Mug ($14.00 - 20.00)
Each piece of Boxer clothing sold gives hope to a dog in need

Boxer T Shirts

Unsurprisingly enough, the most distinctive feature of a boxer is the head. The muzzle gives way to an obvious underbite and an extremely strong jaw. The strong jaw in particular led to the breed being utilized as a hunting dog, specializing in catching bears, wild boars and deer.

These days, the breed is more commonly found as a family pet and is one of the most popular in the United States just like our Boxer tshirts. Boxers maintained the 7th spot on the popularity list for most of the decade, seeing a recent drop to the 8th place in the last few years.

As a lover of the breed, you realize how absurd it is that the popularity of the Boxer is declining. Be a spokesperson for the breed by proudly wearing our Boxer apparel. We are proud of the boxer! and you will be proud to sport the breed on your clothing!

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