The Best Dog Leashes of ALL Time – Leash Training Made Easy

My 10-month-old Rottweiler Duke weighed in at 98 pounds and loved to pull.

He’s the sweetest thing, but when he gets fixated on something, it’s tough to hold him back, partly because the dog leash cuts into your hands.

At times I couldn’t even hold onto the leash because he was too powerful; this was a huge problem and concern.

Duke wouldn’t hurt a fly. I know that for a fact, but no one else does, and I wouldn’t expect them too. I mean would you trust a 98-pound Rottweiler strolling your way?

Probably not. I wouldn’t, and I love ALL dog breeds…

After some time, I became afraid that Duke was going to cause harm to someone or himself by mistake, and that was the last thing I wanted to happen.

I needed to learn how to walk my dog on a leash and FAST! But first, I needed a leash that would allow me to handle Duke with ease.

Hello, there! My Name Is Jeff and today I will be sharing my list of The Best Dog Leashes Of All Time.

These specific dog leashes allowed me to teach Duke how to walk on a leash correctly.

All the while providing me with peace of mind that he and I would both be safe and happy on our daily walks.
Let’s jump into it, shall we?

Why Do Dogs Pull

Before we get started, it’s essential to understand why dogs pull.

Dogs pull for various reasons; some get overly excited or get a whiff of something that piques their interest. Others simply walk faster than their two-legged counterparts.

The number one reason why dogs pull is that “it works,” it gets them where they want to be; it’s that simple.


A dog that pulls on the leash is untrained.

What Can You Do About It?

Rather than getting into a tug-of-war match every time you try to walk your dog, simply put them in a credible obedience training program.

I have compiled a list of “The Best Dog Leashes Ever Created” that I used when Duke was in obedience training.

Having the proper types of dog leashes at your disposal is key when it comes to learning a dog how to walk on a leash properly.

My choices are based on a variety of factors, including size, durability, and material.

If you have an extreme puller, I would highly suggest placing them in obedience training. The training will teach you how to utilize a dog leash optimally.

Pulling is one of many major reasons why people get rid of their dogs!
I, for one, do not want that to happen like I said prior dogs love to pull! It is a natural habit that they ALL do!
As a dog owner, It is up to you to teach them how to a well-behaved pooch.

Top Rated Dog Leashes

Kiss everything you once knew about dog leashes out the window.

Fear, not standard leashes still have their place. But why use a standard leash when we have so many more versatile options at our disposal now? Utilize use them!

1. Harness Lead Dog Harness

Chewy Harness Lead Dog Harness

My top pick and favorite leash to use currently is the Harness Lead Dog Harness.

This is an all-in-one harness and lead, which is impressive! The engineering that went into making this leash is breathtaking.

Not only did they create a leash that prohibits pulling, but they also made it extremely simple to use.

Harness Lead Dog Harness Features

  • Double braided nylon leash made in the USA.
  • Tensile strength up to 3,700 pounds.
  • Soft, buckle, reducing chafing technology.
  • Movable rubber stops for easy adjustments.
  • One size fits all.
  • Quick and easy to clean, just machine wash and hang to dry.

There is nothing more annoying than complicated harnesses or leashes, especially if you have a massive dog like Duke.

You will not have that problem with this leash; I can promise you that.

It takes me no time at all to get Duke ready for his daily walk. It literally takes me more time to tie my shoes than it does to get Duke all harnessed up.

Harness Lead Dog Harness Size

It comes in two sizes ranging from S/M to M/L

• Small – Medium

Length: 84 inches
Width: 3/8 inch
Recommended Weight: 14 – 40 lbs.

• Medium – Large

Length: 108 inches
Width: 7/16 inch
Recommended Weight: 20 – 200 lbs.

This leash will be able to handle just about any dog, and I have zero fear that it will break. It’s got the strength to hold up to 3,700 lbs, which is strong enough to hold a boat if you were curious.

Any dog over 200 lbs. Might run the risk of needing a longer harness since its an all in one set up.

I don’t think many of us are running around with 200+ pound dogs though.

Harness Lead Dog Harness Cost

$25 for small-medium
$27 for medium – large

Considering the price range, I would advise most people to get the larger version for only two dollars more.

Duke loves his Harness Lead Dog Harness; it has become our go-to leash for any occasion.

2. ThunderLeash Dog Leash

This leash is highly recommended by positive-based dog trainers and for a good reason.

The ThunderLeash Dog Leash is simple to use and requires zero dog training experience.

This leash worked wonders for Duke and was my go-to leash until I got him trained properly.

ThunderLeash Dog Leash Features and Benefits

  • Safely Applies pressure around your dog’s chest, encouraging them to stop pulling.
  • Safer than using a standard leash and collar, which can lead to a neck injury and choking.
  • No training required and recommended by dog trainers worldwide.
  • Works with any standard collar and fits all breeds and sizes.
  • Includes a soft-touch handle for your hands for optimal comfort.

Before I got the ThunderLeash, I was fearful that Duke was going to crush his throat because he was pulling so hard.

He would have to stop walking altogether just so he could gag, then go right back to pulling.

The ThunderLeash put an end to that quick, by safely applying pressure around the Duke’s torso, “he didn’t like it too much.”

I wish I would have got a video the first day I used the leash on Duke; it was hilarious. Needless to say, he preferred not to pull.

ThunderLeash Dog Leash Harness Size

It comes in two sizes Small and Large

• Small

Length: 6 feet
Width: 3/4 inch
Recommended Weight: 12 – 25 lbs.

• Large

Length: 6.5 inches
Width: 1 inch
Recommended Weight: 25 lbs. And up.

ThunderLeash Cost

$30 for small
$30 for large

Considering the price range, I would advise most people to get the larger version for the same price.

Duke adjusted to his ThunderLeash, very quickly. It was a vital tool in his overall obedience training.

We still use the leash to this very day if we are going to be in places where there could possibly be a lot of excitement.

“Just as a safety measure.”

Which also allows us to keep Duke refreshed on his leash training.

3. EzyDog Cujo Shock Absorbing Dog Leash

Chewy ezydog Cujo SHock absorbing dog leash

If you are looking for a dog leash you can really grip and hold on too then the EzyDog Cujo Shock Absorbing Dog Leash is the one for you.

It’s designed in such a way that no matter how hard your dog pulls the force is absorbed into the do leash.

If you have a power puller no worries because it is fitted with a unique handle that helps disperse the force generated by your dog.

EzyDog Cujo Shock Absorbing Dog Leash Benefits

  • Optimal visibility for nighttime walks, due to reflective threads are woven into the leash.
  • Customizable size, due to multi-couplers and extensions.
  • Pyramid handle that disperses the weight and force of your dog.
  • 6 inches of bungee for maximum shock absorption.

This was one of my first leashes when I started Duke’s obedience training in leash pulling.

It served me well early on because it allowed me, actually to HOLD on to him!

The handle alone was a lifesaver for me and worth the money.

Not to mention the fantastic bungee technology that kept me on my feet.

EzyDog Cujo Shock Absorbing Dog Leash Size

It comes in two sizes Small and Large

• Small

Length: 25 inches

• Large

Length: 40 inches

EzyDog Cujo Shock Absorbing Dog Leash Cost

$30 for small
$32 for large

Considering the price range, I would advise most people to get the larger version for two dollars more.

How The Leash Has Helped Me

The EzyDog Cujo Shock Absorbing Dog Leash was a lifesaver for me early on because I simply could not hold on to Duke.

We now use this leash as a training tool, for when we aren’t using the body harness type leashes like the Harness Lead Dog Harness.

I really like to use the EzyDog Cujo leash to further Duke’s leash training.

The leash does give him more freedom and the ability to pull, but also gives him a chance to correct his mistake.

Which is why I like to use it from time to time.

The best part about this leash is I have no fear of losing my grip or being jerked around. Which is win, win for Duke and me.

4. Freedom No Pull Harness & Leash

Chewy 2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness & Leash

This was one of the very first leashes I obtained when I started leash training Duke.

It is a full standard dog harness and leash set up, it does take a little while to get set up, but once you have that sorted are good to go.

The control you have with this leash is unreal. The 2-hound design allows you to have nearly full control when your dog is pulling, let that sink in.

Freedom No Pull Harness & Leash Benefits

  • Patented design
  • Double hound design allows you to steer your dog
  • Heavy-duty nylon, stainless steel hardware
  • Fully adjustable for any dog shape and size
  • Made in the USA.

I ordered the Freedom No Pull harness, hoping to reduce the strain on Dukes’ neck, as he was a MAJOR puller.

He would never walk without pulling and even pulled so hard as to cause injury to my girlfriend on more than one occasion.

A friend recommended this harness above others because it does not restrict shoulder movement, which could cause your dog joint issues down the road, so I ordered it.

The very first time I took him outside with the Freedom Harness on, he walked with slack in the leash “I was shocked.”

He eventually caught sight of something of interest aka a “chipmunk” and started to pull!

The “martingale” loop tightened, which makes the harness “hug” the body, and he immediately stopped pulling!

I was utterly blown away.

Freedom No Pull Harness Size

It comes in seven sizes Small to XX-Large

• X-Small

Recommended Weight: 15- 28 lbs.

• Small

Recommended Weight: 25- 38 lbs.

• Medium

Recommended Weight: 35- 45 lbs.

• Medium 2

Recommended Weight: 40 – 60 lbs.

• Large

Recommended Weight: 60 – 85 lbs.

• X – Large

Recommended Weight: 80 – 130 lbs.

• XX-Large

Recommended Weight: 125 – 250 lbs.

Freedom No Pull Harness & Leash Cost

Price ranges are roughly $37 to $42 for the Freedom No Pull Harness & Leash depending on what size you need.

5. OneTigris Training Bungee Reflective Dog Leash

Chewy OneTigris Training Bungee Reflective Dog Leash

The dog training program I used on Duke recommended that I use a short, tactical leash.

I purchased the OneTigris leash because it was the perfect length.

The training I was doing at the time highly recommended to keep your dog by your side at all times and NOT to allow them to walk ahead of you.

OneTigris came through and did just that and more! The bungee design is perfect for times when he decided to jolt after something.

It absorbs the force produced by Duke and doesn’t hurt my girlfriend or me! This feature alone was well worth the money.

I definitely recommend this leash if you have a puller and if you are trying to train them to stay by your side at all times.

OneTigris Training Bungee Reflective Dog Leash Benefits

  • Bungee design reduces the force generated by your dog.
  • Padded loop handle for maximum comfort and control.
  • Heavy-duty nylon leash.
  • Bungee design removes the chance for bodily harm to you and your dog.

OneTigris Training Bungee Reflective Dog Leash Size

It comes in one size


Length – 33.5 – 46.5 Inches
Handle Strap – 6.3 Inches

OneTigris Training Bungee Reflective Dog Leash Cost

The price range is roughly $15 for the OneTigris Training Bungee Reflective Dog Leash and comes in multiple colors.

At only $15 this leash is a no brainer to pick up! Especially if you plan on training your dog the right way.


I cannot stress how important it is to put your dog in obedience training.

A dog leash, collar, harness, etc. can only do so much and should be looked at as merely tools to help you in your training.

The rest will be up to you.

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