The Best Dog Digging Deterrent and Dog Repellent Ultimate Guide

So you are sick and tired of your dog digging up your yard, are you? Yeah, so was I.

I can’t tell you how many times I had to refill holes and even buy fill dirt because my dog would throw the dirt he dug up all over the place, needless to say it was horrible.

Don’t worry, because I have your back. I promise by the end of this, your yard will no longer look like desolate wasteland full of holes.


Build a Dog Deterrent

Yup, you read that right! The very first thing I want you to do is to build your dog their very own digging spot.

Some dogs are dedicated diggers, and no matter how much you try to break them, they still have an itch for it.

Just let them have at it.

But only in their designated digging zone! Thank of the deterrent as their personal ‘big boy toy’ for the yard.

Your dog will eventually learn that they are only allowed to dig inside of the deterrent and nowhere else.

Just like when they learned that they were only allowed to chew on certain things inside the home, i.e. chew toys and bones.


How To Build A Dog Deterrent

  • Buy some 2×4’s and build a box, or purchase a kiddy pool and fill it full of loose soil and sand.
  • Bury some of their favorite dog toys inside, so they know that the deterrent is their spot. The idea is to make the digging zone as attractive to them as possible.
  • Reward them for digging in the dog deterrent with praise and treats.
  • If you catch your dog digging any other spot than their dog deterrent, then use the dog command “no” or “leave it” and immediately take them to their digging zone.
  • Make other areas of the yard unattractive, with dog repellent.

This is, hands down, the best dog deterrent you can give your dog because it allows them to do what they were naturally born to do in the wild.


Why Do Dogs Dig

  • Some dogs just need to be dogs and sometimes we need to let them dig.
  • Your dog could be digging because they want to stay cool.
  • They could be digging because they hear small burrowing animals under the dirt, like moles etc.

Whatever the reason, they love doing it and you should embrace it if you can. I 100% would never allow my dog to dig where they want freely.

I already had that problem and was able to fix it with the designated digging dog deterrent method. Just ask my wife about our dog’s digging problem!

Why Do Dogs Dig

Dog Still Digging After Making a Dog Deterrent

If you are still having trouble keeping them out of the yard, there are a few neat tricks you can try!

Don’t worry. Sometimes it just takes a little extra effort to get your dog to understand where you want them to dig and where you don’t want them to dig.

Just like how we had to teach them what they were and were not allowed to chew on.


Dog Deterrent Items to Stop Dog Digging

1. Plastic Chicken Wire

You can use the chicken wire in one or two ways! The first is pretty obvious, just make a fence line around areas your dog wants to dig.

The second is one of my favorite because it is super sneaky.

Instead of blocking off the spot they are digging, put the chicken wire on the ground under the dirt where they are digging.

So, when they come back and try to dig they won’t be able to without irritating their nails. Just make sure you ONLY USE plastic chicken wire!


2. Flat Rocks

Another favorite, of mine, is to slap some flat rocks in the spots they are digging and bam, job completed.

Avoid using anything but a flat rock because they will move it the majority of the time. “I learned that the hard way”


3. Sprinkler System

Probably the funniest item on the list that works like a dream, ONLY if your dog doesn’t like water.

Don’t try this on a dog that loves water like mine! Haha.

I recommend getting a motion sensor sprinkler for the best results. Once you have it installed, sit back and laugh at your dog.


4. Dog House

Some dogs start digging only because they get too hot and need to cool off.

It doesn’t take much for a dog to start feeling the heat, so make sure you have a cool spot they can retreat to, like a dog house.

Dog houses make the quickest, and most natural get always. Try to position it in a way that the sun isn’t beating down on it during the summer months for maximum cooling potential.


Dog Repellent for Your Yard

1. Citronella

Dogs absolutely HATE citronella! They hate it so bad that inventors have come up with a citronella bark collar to stop obsessive barkers.


2. Rose Bushes & Thorny Shrubs

I don’t think anyone wants to be pricked, and I don’t think your dog will ever come back after being pierced.


3. Ammonia

You should never spray ammonia on plants you care about because it could kill them if you spray too much.


4. Vinegar

Another excellent dog repellent that almost every homeowner has. Vinegar can kill plans relatively easy so avoid spraying it on things you want to keep alive.


5. Dog Feces

Yup, dog poop repellent lawn care! Most dogs hate the smell of their poop and don’t want to be around it whatsoever, or other dogs poop for that matter. But don’t go picking up other people’s dog poop!


How to use Spray Dog Repellent

Instead of spraying plants and objects with it, spray around the perimeter of where you don’t want your dog to go. Spray Dog repellent is best used as an invisible border to keep your dog out of an area.


Preventative Measures to Stop dog digging

1. Eliminate Prey

 Sometimes the best digging deterrent for a dog is to remove all the small creatures from your yard.

Some dogs are very prone to want to hunt and can’t kick the habit so easy. Your best option, if you think you have one of these guys, is to put them in obedience training and/or remove the critters from your yard.


2. Remove Temptations

If you have a garden, fence it off with chicken wire.


3. Exercise

Always make sure your dog is getting enough mental and physical stimulation. If they are pent up with all kinds of energy, they are going to look for ways to release it and often that becomes excessive digging.


You can break your dog from digging if you are willing to put in the time and effort. Sometimes it takes a mix of dog repellents and digging deterrents to get the job done.

Sometimes you need a little extra help from a professional. If you’ve tried all the strategies I listed and still can’t fix your dog’s digging problem.

I highly recommend the online dog trainer by doggy Dan.

If you don’t want to consult a behavior professional for additional help, then you will need to keep an eye on your dog while they are outdoors.

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