The Best Dog Chew Toys of ALL Time – 100% Guaranteed to Satisfy any Dog

I was dead asleep until I cuddled soaking wet covers!

My dog, Sammy, had woken up in the middle of the night and chewed the corner of my comforter so bad that it was riddled with holes and saliva.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t her first time. Before this, she had already destroyed two other quilts, clothes, shoes, and countless other items.

I became afraid that she was going to ingest something that could potentially kill her, so I decided it was time to learn how to train my puppy FAST and adequately!

Hello, there! My name is Allie, and today, I will be sharing my list of  The Best Dog Chew Toys Ever Created.

These specific dog toys allowed me to teach Sammy what she was allowed and what she was not allowed to chew.

All the while providing her with hours of mental and physical stimulation and entertainment.

Let’s jump into it, shall we?

Why Do Dogs Chew

The very first thing we must understand and get out of the way is why dogs chew.

Dogs chew for several reasons. The main one is super simple. They chew because they love to chew! Chewing is a natural behavior for a dog.

They also chew for specific reasons, like keeping their teeth and gums healthy or for entertainment when they are bored.

Boredom dog chewing is the most dangerous type of chewing!

This is when your dog becomes destructive and chews up everything in sight, aka your favorite pair of shoes or comforter!

What Can You Do About it?

Rather than trying to curb the behavior altogether, buy your dog some chew toys so they can learn what type of items are appropriate to chew on and what are not.

All dogs need mental and physical stimulation to function correctly.

I have compiled a list of The Best Dog Chew Toys Ever Created that I used when Sammy was in obedience training.

My choices are based on a variety of factors, including size, durability, and material.

If you have a destructive chewer, I would highly suggest placing them in obedience training. The training will teach you how to utilize the chew toys optimally.

Destructive chewing is one of the primary reasons why people get rid of their dogs!

I, for one, do not want that to happen. Like I said prior, dogs love to chew! It is a natural habit that they all do!

As the dog owner, it is up to you to teach them what they can and cannot chew on.

Top Rated Dog Chew Toys

1. Kong Classic Dog Toy

Chewy Kong Classic

If you haven’t heard of Kong, you might be living under a rock, or maybe you are brand new to owning a dog!

Whatever the reasons, take note that Kong dog toys are probably the most famous dog chew toys in the world and for a good reason.

Kong Classic Key Features

  • Made from natural rubber
  • Mentally and physically stimulating
  • Unpredictable bounce for games of fetch
  • Great for stuffing full of dog treats, food, etc.

I personally own the Kong Extreme because I have two dogs, and one of them is a Pitbull, and he is an extreme chewer!

I have had the Kong Extreme for a little over a year now and its held up terrifically. Heck, I might never have to replace it, unless it gets lost!

Which is entirely possible during an intense game of fetch!

Due to their irregular shape, they have an erratic bouncing pattern, which makes for an extra exciting game of fetch.

If fetch isn’t your dog’s thing, not to worry because you can stuff them with just about anything you want!

I personally like to fill mine up with dog food and seal it with a thin layer of peanut butter, then place it in my dog’s crates for when I must leave them for an extended period.

It’s a win-win scenario, they get to eat, chew, and be satisfied while I’m away!

All thanks to the versatility of the Kong Classic and Extreme!

Kong Size

It comes in six sizes ranging from XS to XXL

  • Extra Small  2.5 x 1.4
  • Small 3 x 1.75
  • Medium 3.5 X 2.25
  • Large 4 X 2.75
  • Extra Large 5 X 3.5
  • XXL 6 X 3.9

Which begs the question. What size Kong is best?

Well, that’s up to you and your dog’s preferences. Generally, you want to pick a size that allows your dog to carry the Kong around wherever they please freely.

But be big enough for them not to be able to fit it in their mouth fully.

Kong Classic Dog Toy Cost

Depending on what size and durability features you need, the price ranges for both Kong Classic and Kong Extreme are roughly $10 to $25.

Considering how durable and versatile Kong is, the investment is worth every penny spent on them.

Your dog will love the all-natural rubber. It has a pleasant mouthfeel that fully stimulates a dog mentally and physically.

2. Nylabone Dura Chew Bone

Chewy Nylabone DuraChew Textured Bone Chicken Flavor Dog Toy

The Nylabone brand has skyrocketed to the top of the food chain when it comes to durable chewable dog toys.

They are rubbing elbows with the big boys over at Kong but in a good way.

The company specializes in tough, durable nylon rather than durable rubber-like Kong.

Nylabone Key Features

  • Chicken flavored
  • Multi-textured design
  • Vet recommended
  • Made in the USA

Sammy loves her Nylabone Dura Chew Bone, and so do I because it saves us a lot of time!

The multi-textured design has raised nubs, ridges, and bristles that help clean your dog’s teeth as they chew.

You will notice a massive difference in your dog’s teeth after about a month of using this chew toy.

Sammy hardly has any plaque or tartar build-up because of it.

My vet was even surprised how clean Sammy’s teeth were for her age and asked me what I was doing.

I told him that I was mainly just giving her Nylabones with regular weekly brushes.

He applauded me a job well done and stated that he recommends Nylabone to all his patients because of how well they clean a dog’s teeth.

Nylabone Dura Chew Bone Size

It comes in six sizes ranging from Puppy to XL

  • Puppy puppies only
  • Extra Small up to 15 pounds
  • Small up to 25 pounds
  • Medium up to 35 pounds
  • Large up to 50 pounds
  • Extra Large 50 pounds and up

I’m sure you are wondering what size Nylabone is best? Well, that’s up to you and your dog’s preferences.

Generally, you want to pick a size that coincides with your dog’s weight.

If your dog prefers larger toys that’s fine; just don’t go smaller than what is recommended.

Nylabone Dura Chew Bone Cost

Price ranges are roughly $7 to $12 for the Nylabone Dura Chew Bone depending on what size you need.

How Long Do Nylabones Last

It comes down to “how extreme of a chewer” you have. Generally, you will replace them every 1 to 6 months.

 Some can last for years.

This all depends on how aggressive and how often your dog chews.

When Should You Replace Nylabone

When it becomes too small for your dog to chew safely, or when the Knuckle ends are worn down.

3. ZippyPaws Warriorz Plush Dog Toy

Chewy ZippyPaws Warriorz Nobu the Ninja Dog Toy

Dogs like variety, you will learn that if you put your dog through obedience dog training.

Like I said prior, “dog’s chew for many reasons.”

Sometimes your dog will want to chew on something hard like a bone, and sometimes they will want to chew on something softer like fabric.

It is in your best interest to ALWAYS have a variety of different dog toys with different textures.

I personally keep bone, rubber, fabric, and hard plastic dog toys on deck at ALL times…

Sammy loves soft toys, but she always ends up putting a hole in them within minutes.

If I’m able to catch her fast enough, I sew the holes backup up, and over time the toys start to look like Frankenstein.

If you want a plush dog chew toy that your dog won’t tear up in a day, then consider the ZippyPaws Warriorz Plush Dog Toy.

ZippyPaws Warriorz Plush Dog Toy Key Features:

  • Dense fabric
  • Tear-resistant Z-Stitch Technology
  • Two blaster squeakers
  • Stuffing-free

The first thing Sammy does to any stuffed dog toy is rip off ALL dangling parts!

Sammy has had her Warriorz Plush for months.

The reinforced stitching around the outside, multiple layers of strong fabric and no dangling parts are vital specs to the longevity of the toy.

ZippyPaws Zarriorz Plush Size

It comes in one size

  • 11 x 9 x 2 inches

ZippyPaws Warriorz Plush Dog Toy Cost

The average price for the ZippyPaws Warriorz Plush Dog Toy is $8 to $10.

The quality of construction is amazing, and when Sammy wears hers out, I will be buying another no questions asked.

4. Goughnuts Maxx 50

Chewy GoughNuts Ring Dog Toy

One of the most durable dog toys ever created and the strongest of all the Goughnuts toys.

Sammy LOVES to swim and has a blast fetching this toy out of the lake during the hot summer months.

Yup, you heard, right! This heavy-duty chew toy also floats!

I don’t know of any other dog toy that can hold up to extreme chewers and can float.

Goughnuts Maxx 50 Key Features

  • Natural rubber
  • Perfect for a game of fetch on land or water
  • Replacement indicator
  • Carbon-reinforced rubber

How Long Do GoughNuts Maxx Last

The GoughNuts Ring Dog Toy was designed to withstand the toughest chewers.

Made in the USA from carbon-reinforced ALL-natural rubber, the GougNuts Maxx is the most robust chew toy on the market.

Sammy has had hers for two years.

When Should You Replace GoughNuts Maxx

Each GoughNuts toy has two layers – the black outer layer that indicates strength, and the red inner core that suggests that the toy needs to be replaced.

The red core serves as a built-in safety indicator so that no choking hazards come to any dog.

You should ALWAYS remove the toy from your dog’s possession if you see the RED layer.

GoughNuts Maxx 50 Size

It comes in one size

  • 6.25 inches

GoughNuts Maxx 50 Cost

The average price for the GoughNuts Maxx 50 is $28.

GoughNuts Warranty

The price is a little higher than other chew toys but for a good reason…

The company will replace the toy if your dog chews through the outside wear layer of any GoughNuts Ring or Stick!

 Plus, you get a floatable fetch toy for the same price.

5. West Paw Zogoflex Bumi Dog Toy

Chewy West Paw Zogoflex Bumi Dog Toy

A hidden gem! West Paw dog toys aren’t well known “at least not yet.”

The West Paw Zogoflex Bumi Dog Toy is the perfect dog toy, especially if your dog loves a good game of tug-of-war! Whether that be with you or another dog.

Sammy loves tug time! I can’t tell you how many tug-ropes we have destroyed while playing.

That was until we came across this gem!

West Paw Zogoflex Bumi Dog Toy Key Features:

  • Flexes to 2x its length
  • ZogoFlex technology
  • 100% recyclable, BPA-phthalate-free, non-toxic, and FDA-compliant
  • Two dogs can play tug-of-war together
  • Dishwasher safe
  • USA made

How Long Will Zogoflex Bumi Dog Toy Last

Every dog plays; differently, it all comes down to how determined a chewer your dog is.

The Zogoflex Bumi will hold up to the roughest of chewers.

Sammy has had hers for months, and it is still going strong.

When Should You Zogoflex Bumi Dog Toy

When you see pieces begin to break off.

Zogoflex Bumi Size

It comes in two sizes

  • Small 8.5 inches
  • Large 9.5 inches

Zogoflex Bumi Cost

The average price for the Zogoflex Bumi is $14 to $18.

Zogoflex Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Essential Features To Consider When Purchasing A Chew Toy For A Dog

All dog toys are not made equally, not even close.

There are a few KEY features that you will want to consider when selecting a chew for your dog.

  • Size

Never give your dog a toy that is too small for them! Doing so could lead to your dog choking or needing surgery.

Just make sure you follow the recommended weight/size guidelines on the packages, and you should be fine.

If you are having second thoughts, always go a size bigger.

  • Material

 Dogs love different textures, make sure to provide them with a wide selection.

I personally ALWAYS keep one of each type of material: rubber, plastic, plush/cloth, and real bones.

My top 5 list of best chew toys covers all these except real bones.

  • Durability

Probably the most focused on aspect of dog chew toys and for a good reason.

We all want the most durable dog toys we can find.

The truth is, no dog toy is truly indestructible, so always remove the toy from your dog’s possession when pieces begin to break off.

Many companies pride themselves on durable dog toys and even provide a warranty if a dog can chew them up.

The GoughNuts Company will replace any of their toys if your dog chews through the outside wear layer.

  • Versatility

Many people overlook versatility, but for me, this is a crucial factor!

Dog toys aren’t cheap, especially chew toys!

If I’m going to be spending more than 10, 15, 20 even 30 dollars on a toy I expect it to come with some versatility!

Which is one of many reasons why all of these toys ended up on my list.

Tug-of-War is a powerful tool when it comes to dog training and what better toy to have in your arsenal than the Zogoflex Bumi Dog Toy.

I personally use my Kong Extreme every single day.

I’m able to leave Sammy alone with it for hours on end, which is priceless.

I’m even able to feed her with it by stuffing it with a half cup of dog food covered with peanut butter! Or use it as a fetch toy.

That’s just to name a few things you can do with a Kong Toy.

Why Buy Your Dog Chew Toys?

Why not? Would you want to live your life day in and day out being bored?

You would probably go insane and start looking for things to get into around the house.

Funny, because that is precisely what your dog will do too if you do not buy them toys. Especially chew toys!

Playing with toys helps provide mental and physical stimulation that your dog requires to live a happy, healthy life.

Even if you take your dog for walks or play with them, they still need outlets to get out frustration, pent up energy, boredom etc.

That is where chew toys come into play!

You can’t always be there for your dog when they need to entertain themselves.

Which is why you buy them chew toys that allow them to do that on their own time when they need and want to do it.

Plus, chew toys allow you to train your dog! Yup, you should utilize chew toys when training a dog.

Especially when trying to teach a puppy not to bite or to not chew up other things in the house!

Sammy is a prime example of this!

I found an excellent Online Dog Trainer Program that helped me cure Sammy of all her bad behaviors.

If you have an older dog that is already trained awesome! They still need chew toys.


As a dog gets older, so do their teeth. Plaque buildup will cause a dog all sorts of health problems that could kill them and cost you thousands.

Proper chew toys will prevent the buildup of plaque and keep your dog’s teeth healthy and strong.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are rawhide chew toys good?

I personally do not use rawhide products, nor does my vet recommend them. There have been several medical studies proving that rawhide is not suitable for dogs.

2. What can I give my dog instead of rawhide?

There are many other products that are on the market that are natural and safe for your dog to ingest.

Nylabones make a good substitute.

3. How Do I Make My Dog Stop Chewing Everything?

Your first step is to provide them with a verity of dog chew toys that will satisfy them.

Your second step is providing them with adequate dog training. I recommend an online dog trainer.

In my experience, PetSmart style trainers are a waste of money.

Keep in mind, once your dog has got into the habit of chewing everything in sight, it will take a lot of work to break the habit.


I hope this list serves you well on your journey!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop a comment!

Also, if you come across any more awesome chew toys for dogs, let me know!

I’m always on the lookout for new ones for Sammy

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