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Shiba Inu t shirts

Japan is known for many things- samurai, geishas, sumo; the list is inexhaustible. However, one of the hidden, yet most remarkable treasures of Japan is the Shiba Inu.  The smallest of the native Japanese breeds, the Shiba Inu was bred to flush out small game and birds.

The breed primarily serves as a companion dog today, largely in part due to it resemblance to a fox, which seems to fascinate the population.

You are not the first to be captivated by the Shiba Inu.  Originating from Japan, the breed mimics a ninja warrior: quick, nimble and alert.  These characteristics endear the Shiba Inu to some while others are fascinated by its foxlike looks. Our Shiba Inu tshirts bring out all of these wonderful traits!

Either way, our Shiba Inu clothing and the breed alike are sure to wow, attracting attention with dignity and grace.  We have the widest select of Shiba Inu apparel anywhere!


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