Secrets To Dog Training Review By Daniel Stevens

Hello, my name is Alex I love my dogs more than most people love their children…yeah you read that right ha-ha. Just like children dogs can push all of your buttons one moment and be perfect little angels the next!

I got a new puppy a few months ago and named him Colt! He is a Pit Bull and a total sweetheart. But! Just like all puppies he was a little shit lol.

Colt had all the typical puppy issues…

  • Peeing inside the house
  • Pooping inside the house
  • Chewing up things
  • Getting into everything
  • Separation anxiety

Colt’s Story

I figured I could handle him since I have an older dog that I trained with no problem. Aka Colt’s older brother (not by blood) his name is Jake he’s a full blooded American Pit Bull Terrier. He’s also my best friend in the entire world, my fur baby.

Colt was a super smart puppy but due to me working long work days and being single he had to learn to be left alone for 8+ hours a day at a very young age.

Unfortunately Colt was breed by a back yard breeder. I saved him when he was 3 months old. The only life he knew was being alone with his brothers and sisters on a back deck that was rotting and falling apart with poop and pee everywhere.

Due to this Colt quickly developed separation anxiety. Because I always keep him near me no matter what because I never wanted him to feel alone again. Once I had to go to work he really struggled being crate trained. Because in the first 3 months of his life he was locked on a deck where he had to use the bathroom. He thought it was normal to use the bathroom in the crate since the deck was like a huge crate.

It broke my heart to see him soaked in pee and poop crying when I came home from work. I did my best to crate train him but nothing I did worked. I quickly realized that I needed help, because I wasn’t dealing with a normal puppy.

I was dealing with a puppy that had his spirit broken from birth, he knew no other way to live. I needed help and I needed it fast, so I went to google to look for online dog trainers. That’s when I came across Secrets To Dog Training  and The Online Dog Trainer By Doggy Dan both had great reviews.
I was talking with a friend about trying out one of the programs one day, and he said that he used Secrets To Dog Training By Daniel Stevens and it worked really well for him and his dog. So I decided to try my luck at it.

Me and Colt got to work immediately once purchased and was able to resolve his anxiety within a few weeks along with fully crate training him. He was like a new puppy, you could see it in his eyes. They didn’t look sad anymore they looked full of life.

His broken spirit was no more, he was free. He’s now 10 months old and is fully trained thanks to the training by Daniel Stevens.

Colt now spends his days pestering his older brother and learning everything possible from him. Even the bad things! Like eating grass lol. But it’s okay it’s not that bad and I still have The secrets to dog training if I need it!

About The Author: Daniel Stevens

Daniel Stevens is well known in the dog training community and for good reason. He is a world-renowned dog trainer and author. His most well-known book is called Secrets to Dog Training. Dan is also the author of 5 dog training myths and Sit Stay Fetch.

Dan is not only limited to dog training he’s got several other published books under his belt as well. But they are nowhere near as widely known as his dog training titles.

What’s Included In Secrets To Dog Training

There is a lot of information in Daniel Stevens book but its not overwhelming or hard to understand at all. It’s extremely comprehensive and easy to follow along with and digest.

Just to give you an idea of how much information is packed into this book. How does a full 250 page spread sound? It might seem daunting at first but trust me its not in the slightest.

On top of that if you purchase the premium version you will receive tons of bonus material. Such as video and audio downloads, and bonus reading material.

You will also be given an e-mail address so that you can contact Daniel Stevens directly with any questions you may have about Secrets To Dog Training that aren’t covered in the book.

Daniel kicks his book off by discussing how there are several different dog training methods and that many of them work. He also mentions “the dog whispering method” and how he’s a fan.

As you may know the dog whispering method has been around for quite some time now and has been covered on television and in books. This method was made famous by Cesar Millan aka the dog whisper.

Daniel covers the dog whispering method in his book because its based on actual scientific information that he utilizes in his training style.

This is just one of the many styles of dog training that readers will learn about. Every Dog training style has advantages and disadvantages.

If you are a visual learner like myself, you will be happy to hear that out of the 250 pages 100 of them have full-color illustrations showing you exactly what to do step by step.

It’s very easy to read about what to do, but it’s not so easy to implement especially with no visual guide. Dog owners can rest assured that they will easily be able to follow along.

Daniel Stevens did an extremely good job by adding these illustrations, because thousands of dog trainers around now utilize his methods.

Secrets To Dog Training Chapters

The book is broken up into nine separate chapters. Each chapter covers different aspects of canine obedience training and how to deal with each issue. Below is a list of the nine.

  1. It’s A Dog’s Life
  2. Caring for Your Dog
  3. Training Methods Revealed
  4. Secrets To Understanding Your Dog
  5. Dog Problems Solved
  6. Commands To Start With
  7. Dog Whispering Uncovered
  8. More Dog Problems Solved
  9. Advanced Commands and Tricks

Each and every chapter covered exactly what I needed to know about training Colt. I thought to myself wow this seems like some common-sense stuff. But in reality, a lot of science went into each and ever module.

I learned things I didn’t even realize were bad, and how to care for Colt and Jake better. It was a lot of small things that I often over looked. For example like giving attention at certain points could cause a very negative ripple or a very positive one.

Below is a short list . . . of the nine chapters covered.

  • Bad breath
  • Destructive behaviors
  • How to address nipping and biting
  • How to keep dogs from fighting with other dogs, cats, and other pets
  • How to improve your relationship with your dog
  • How to teach your dog where it can relieve itself
  • Jumping on furniture/jumping on people
  • Nuisance barking
  • What to do when you have more than one dog in the house

Colt had everyone of these problems except for the bad breath. He really-really-really loves to nip and bite Jake. But not in an aggressive manor at all. I observed Ace for a really long time, trying to figure out why he was doing it.

He was basically tugging Jake around to play with him. Jake could be in full nap mode and Colt would come up and gently nip on him and fall right asleep next to him.

It was very strange, it was like it was his way of saying your mine and I don’t ever want you to leave me. I think it was because the way he was born into this world.

Colt loves Jake with all his heart and he would never hurt him. He will lay on Jake and curl up next to him any chance he gets.

He always wants to be by his side no matter what. He looks up to him, and mimics what he does its quite funny to watch.

The main reason I wanted to fix this was because I didn’t want Colt doing this to other dogs. The last thing I need is for him to get attacked because he’s trying to play.

Plus I don’t think other dog owners would like it for a random dog to nip on their dog. Even if they were playing. I know I wouldn’t like it.

Thankfully the training taught me how to nip that issue in the butt! “pun intended”

Bonus Materials Included With The Premium Edition

I highly recommend purchasing the premium edition because it comes with 16 bonus e-books that will aid you on your journey to raising the perfect puppy.

One of my favorite bonus e-books is called 175 Gourmet Recipes for Your Dog. I love food, and one of my favorite things to do is cook. I like to stay in shape so a lot of my meals are whole food recipes.

I want the best for my dogs, but unfortunately commercial dog food isn’t that great and even has been in the news lately for killing dogs!

On top of that the high end healthy dog food is extremely expensive. With me having two 55+ pound dogs I can’t afford the healthier options.

That’s why I love the gourmet recipes for your dog, the recipes are simple quick and affordable.

For most of the recipes I’m able to utilize my left over ingredients or my left overs in general to make a complete dog meal.

It’s really insane how much healthy food you can make for your dog without breaking the bank.

My dogs absolutely love their new diet, and I feel way better about what I’m feeding them.

Since I make most of their meals from the gourmet recipe book, I’m also now able to keep a bag of more expensive dog food on hand like Blue Buffalo.

These are the e-books and media materials you will receive with the premium package

  • 175 Gourmet Recipes For Your Dog
  • 6 Comprehensive Dog Training Video Files
  • All The House Training Methods and Tricks
  • A Quick Guide To Dog Aggression
  • Dog Grooming Made Easy
  • Full and Unlimited Access To a Members-Only Dog Owner Community
  • Secrets To Becoming The Alpha Dog
  • Secrets To Dog Training Online Video
  • Secrets To Dog Training Pro Software
  • Tips On How To Security Train Your Dog
  • Alpha Dog Training
  • How To Stop Dog Aggression Part 1
  • How To Stop Dog Aggression Part 2
  • How To Stop Your Dog From Barking
  • How To Stop Your Dog’s Biting and Chewing Problems
  • In Field Training

Pros And Cons Of Secrets To Dog Training

This list is solely based of my own personal experiences with the program. Others that have purchased might have different views or thoughts. Let’s start things off with the pros shall we!


  • Premium package option
  • The program can be utilized on puppies or older dogs
  • E-book downloads via iOS, and android smart phones
  • The Program teaches humans how to act around their dogs
  • Step by Step easy to follow instructions
  • Full color illustrations


  • Program only comes as an e-book
  • So much material that it could take a rather long time to get through it all


I don’t really have many bad things to say about the program. I think it’s really well put together and flows seamlessly. Daniel Steven’s really did a fantastic job when he created Secrets to Dog Training.

No matter if you are a first time dog owner or a veteran dog owner. There is something for everyone in this program. Like I said Jake is 6 years old and Colt is 10 months old.

I bought this program because Colt needed a lot of help and fast. He needed special help that I wasn’t prepared to give him.

Since Jake was extremely easy to train I thought I knew all about do training but I was mistaken. After going through the program with Colt I was even able to utilize new things on Jake.

It’s been a great experience for both of my boys and they have enjoyed their training. They actually look forward to it, it’s like an extra way we bond and spend time together now.

Dog training takes work a lot of work, people get frustrated with their pups and cause major issues. One reason is because the training method they are using.

So do yourself a favor and get a program that teaches you everything you need but is also fun for both you and your dogs.

Your main goal should be to train your dog to be happy, healthy and obedient so that they can stay as safe as possible.

After your dog is fully trained it should love you and want to spend time with you. If you are truly looking for these type of results then Secrets to Dog Training has the training method for you and you won’t be disappointed

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