Relaxing Music For Dogs ULTIMATE Guide – Dog Anxiety Treatment

Are you trying to find music for dogs to relax to, but don’t know what music dogs like? That’s what we’re here for! Whether you’re looking for music for dogs to sleep or music for dogs with anxiety, we have you covered!

You can treat dog anxiety with music! The average household dog suffers from many forms of stress, in particular, separation anxiety; all you have to do is turn on some relaxing dog music and let it take effect.

I have included a list of the best music for dogs to relax to on YouTube for FREE! I also have a story about how separation anxiety music for dogs helped my dog cope with his anxiety near the end of this article.


Music For Dogs Playlist 


Music for Dogs has helped millions of dogs worldwide! Dog Zoned is dedicated to bringing you the best music for dogs that will help calm and relax your dog suffering from any anxiety. The dog music we use has been scientifically tried and tested by researchers at Queens University in Belfast and Glasgow University in Scotland. Feel free to read more about their research further down in this article.

Calming music for dogs can help dogs suffering from separation anxiety, loneliness, hyperactivity, etc. Whatever the reason, you should put music on if you have a stressed dog, especially if you are going to be leaving the house for an extended time.

Music for Dogs is the perfect natural remedy for dog anxiety and is the ideal dog calming aid that can double as dog therapy music!

We are experts in dog relaxation and relaxing music for dogs and want to help your stressed dog the best we can by providing them the best FREE dog calming aid. Each piece of music has been hand-picked to relax and calm your dog.

If your dog is suffering from anxiety, sleeping problems, stress, or loneliness, then you should try our music to relax dogs. I guarantee that it will ease your dogs’ anxiety levels, especially during FIREWORKS and THUNDERSTORMS.

Our dog music will help to calm and soothe any dog during any situation, such as:

  • Whimpering puppies
  • Unwanted barking
  • Thunderstorms
  • Fireworks
  • Separation anxiety
  • Hyperactivity
  • Car rides
  • Dog won’t sleep

Heck even play relaxing music for dogs if they are sick or injured so that they can rest up.

The Studies conducted at Queens University and Glasgow University revealed that dogs prefer certain types of music. Such as Ambient, Classical, Reggae, and soft rock.

“I like to use Rock Music for Dogs to relax my dog.”

They also determined that dogs have their own taste in music! Meaning that all dogs will not like the same music or style, so it’s up to you to test and determine which type of music your dog prefers.

Our dog music is unique and will help your dog in any situation where they may become anxious or overly stressed. One of our goals is to get dog owners to try our dog music before they put their dog on dog anxiety medication.

We firmly believe our music has the power to calm and relax a dog to the point that they no longer need to be on dog anxiety medication.

Musical therapy has been around for thousands of years, and now we are starting to understand the power it can have over animals, especially rescue dogs. Pet music will be the new way to help rehabilitate stressed dogs.

Best Time to Play Dog Music

I have been able to calm my dog in every one of these situations.

1. Dog Separation Anxiety is the most common of all anxiety that takes place in dogs. Dogs view their owners as the pack leader, and when they are gone, they don’t know how to handle themselves, which leads to anxiety.

Dog Music will help combat this anxiety by soothing and relaxing. Plus, it gives the dog a sense that they are not in an empty house or alone. It gives them a feeling that their owner can return at any moment.

2. Firework Season has to be the worst time for dogs. Dog anxiety is at an all-time high during the weeks leading up to and weeks after. During this time, I highly suggest that you play as much music for dogs as you can. I personally have to relax my dog Ace during the firework season with music, and a thunder shirt.

3. Thunderstorms, much like fireworks, are the worst time for dog anxiety. This is harder to prep for but is very doable. Do NOT forget to put music on!

4. Obedience training can be a very stressful time and with stress comes anxious dogs. We all know how stressful dog training can get, so calm your dog down with dog music.

5. Re-homing can be very stressful for dogs, especially if they have never had a real home in the past. It’s hard for a dog to get used to all the new sounds and sights, even harder if the new family has other pets or children. We recommend that you play Music for dogs during this time. It will help relax and reduce their heart rate while they get used to their new surroundings.

6. Crate training a puppy or adult dog can be complicated and is often when dog anxiety kicks in full force. Dog music helps by relaxing your dog and sends signals to your dog that everything will be okay.

7. Car rides can also be very stressful for a dog, especially if they have never been in one before. We highly recommend playing some relaxing dog music before and during to help with the anxiety.

What Kind of Music Do Dogs Like?

What Kind of Music Do Dogs Like

Not a question I would have ever thought I would have to ask myself or anyone else for that matter. But here we are talking about “what kind of music do dogs like”.

We all know dogs have way better hearing than we do, so its only natural for them to have preferences when it comes to sounds aka music.

Scientists have started dabbling into this question too.


Music Dogs Like

Psychologist Deborah Wells, a reprehensive at Queens University in Belfast, conducted a study that confirms that dogs do have musical preferences.

She also found that different genres of music resulted in various reactions.

The tested dogs listened to Robbie Williams, Metallica, Beethoven, even Brittney Spears and more. Wow-what a lineup!

Researchers carefully documented the reactions of each dog as each song played.

To ensure they collected the purest reaction of each dog, they made sure to include quite time between play sessions to mix things up. They even played some human conversation recordings.

These extra measures were taken to test if the dogs were really responding to the musical aspects of the sounds.


What did the Results Show

The Queens University study showed dogs respond to music and that they do have a preference. It also reviled that dogs did not respond to heavy metal songs positively, that they became agitated and started barking.

Human talking and Pop Music didn’t show any noticeable effects.

Classical music was the breadwinner and had the most noticeable calming effect on all the dogs with less barking and more relaxing by laying down and remaining in a laying state more often.

Unfortunately, after a few days it seemed even classical music had little to no effect on the dogs.


Another Study – New Results

Glasgow University researchers took the study on “What Kind of Music Do Dogs Like” even further by testing 38 animal shelter dogs.

They left no stone unturned when it came to finding out what the dogs honestly thought about the music they were hearing.

For six hours a day, they played either classical, soft rock, pop, reggae or Motown music. All while monitoring and measuring behavior, heart rates, and stress hormone levels.


New Study – New Results

After all the data was collected and analyzed the results were pretty mind-blowing…

The study determined that dogs reacted positively with any kind of music playing and that all music seemed to have a relaxing effect on the dogs.

While the music was playing, dogs spent more time quietly standing or laying down. Glasgow University researchers noticed once the music was turned off the dogs would bark more often.


What Kind of Music Did The Dogs Like Best?

The heart rate study suggests that Reggae and Soft Rock were the two genres to have the most significant overall calming effect, which in turn reduced the amount of barking, pacing, crying and heart rates.


What Else Did The Study Uncover?

Professor Neil Evans noticed that each dog responded a little differently to each type of music played.

Ultimately concluding that the responses to each genre were mixed, meaning that the dogs preferred a multitude of different genres of music and that individual dogs like specific genres as to where others didn’t.

Meaning that our four-legged friends have musical preferences that are unique to them.

With that being said, reggae and soft rock showed the most significant positive changes in behavior.

How Separation Anxiety Music for Dogs Helped Relax My Dog

I walked into my home with my 5-month-old American Pitbull Terrier puppy shrieking so loud I had to cover my ears.

He was soaking wet!

I had been gone for a solid 8 hours and figured he just had an accident in his dog crate. That was until I notice how thick the puddle of liquid was…

It was NOT pee; it was saliva…

My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach with fear. I had no idea what was happening to him. Nearly in tears, voice trembling, I called the vet and explained the whole scenario and symptoms.

After a brief talk, he concluded that everything would be okay, that Jax had a case of severe separation anxiety.

I was relieved and so thankful it wasn’t disease-related. He warned me that dog separation anxiety is not to be taken lightly. It is extremely painful for dogs and can cause mental and physical harm if left untreated.

His recommendation was to place Jax in obedience training as FAST as possible to ensure that he receives proper training, which would help aid him with his anxiety.

In the event of Jax not getting better after his completion of obedience training, then he would look into prescribed dog anxiety medication as a last resort.

Hi, There! My name is Ashley, and today I wanted to share with you how I trained my 5-month-old American Pitbull Terrier puppy in as little as 5 weeks using something I didn’t even know existed until recently.


Searching for a Solution

I looked everywhere for a dog trainer but kept coming up short. All I found was mass training groups like the ones you see at PetsMart.

That wasn’t what I was looking for.

I wanted a dog trainer that really focused on Jax and Jax alone. But I couldn’t afford a private dog trainer because they were all way to expensive.


Turn of Events

Facebook is good for a lot of things, especially wasting your time. But this time it actually came in handy!

I had joined a bunch of Dog related pages in hopes of finding a solution to Jax’s anxiety. A few of the pages were explicitly tailored for dog training.

Lucky for me a member posted a story about her dog and how he had extreme anxiety and how she was able to fix it!

Once again, my heart sank! Was this it? Was I finally going to be able to help Jax?

It was exactly what I had been looking for.

It was an online dog training course that they’d all been following, which at first, I thought was a little silly. How can you train a dog online?

She shared a link to the website this dog training course was on, and temptation got the best of me.


I watched the introductory video on the home page and everything just made sense. You can watch the video here to see what I mean.


Becoming a Believer

I tried one of the tips that he recommended everyone to try in his free introductory video, and guess what? It actually worked for Jax! Blown away, I purchased the course and never looked back!

To this day, it has been my saving grace.

Doggy Dan provides so many tips, tricks, and techniques and understands that all dogs are unique and caters to all their needs.


What was that awesome FREE TIP he gave out?

Music! Yup, you read that right music! Seems odd right? Well not really, just think about it for a moment.

Do you like sitting in silence? Probably not I mean I don’t like it and really can’t think of anyone that I know that prefers it.

I can think of all sorts of people that like to sit back relax and just listen to music. No matter if anything else is going on… the music is enough.

Before learning this from the online dog trainer, I had no idea that dogs could benefit from leaving music on nor would I have ever thought about trying it to relax my dog.


Proof That Dogs Have an Ear for Music! 

A story from way back about a bulldog and a composer showcasing how attuned dogs are with music.

A Hereford Cathedral organist by the name of Dr. George Robinson Sinclair was the owner of a bulldog named Dan.

Dan and George lived in the beautiful city of London.

George was friends with Sir Edward William Elgar a famous composer.

Elgar would quickly form a bond with Dan because he had an excellent taste in music!

“Yes, Dan the Bulldog”

Dan would often growl at the choir members when they sang out of tune, it was quite a sight for everyone.

Needless to say, the choir members oftentimes got a little embarrassed.

Dan wasn’t the only dog of the time that struck the interest of another a composer!

Richard Wilhelm Wagner was the owner of Peps a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that loved music.

Wagner even provided peps with his very own stool so he could help him with his composition in his private study.

But how could a dog help a composer you might ask?

Well, fairly easily actually! You see, Peps would react when Wagner sang or played the piano.

If Peps really liked a tune he would wag his tail, while certain melodies would evoke a more nervous or excited response.

Based on his observations, Wagner devised the “musical motif,” a motif that associates specific musical keys with particular moods or emotions in opera.

These are just two of many reports that led scientists to search for further answers to age old questions like.

“do dogs like music” “Yes”


When it comes to dog music, your choice of music is something that can cause agitation if you don’t choose wisely! I personally prefer to relax my dog and want the same for you.

Dog music is a way you can treat dog anxiety. Using music to cure dog anxiety isn’t very common, but it has been scientifically proven to work. I have been able to relax my dog along with millions of others. Most people will put their dogs on anxiety medication because they don’t know about this method.

There is a lot to learn about dog anxiety and how to treat it. Each year millions of dogs are diagnosed with Separation anxiety and suffer because their owners don’t know how to help them. Mainly because there are not a ton of resources out there that tell you how to deal with it, that’s where dog music relaxing music for dogs comes in!

Yes, dogs like music and yes music has the ability to calm and relax a dog.

So much in fact that many shelters are now installing music systems so that they can help dogs fight against being lonely, stressed, and full of anxiety.

We all know dog shelters aren’t the preferred place for a dog to be, but so many are taking steps to make it a little better for our four-legged friends.

Shelters seem to be sticking with the results that the Glasgow University researchers came up with. They figured out What Kind of Music Do Dogs Like and utilized it by rotating favorable kinds of music like Reggae, Soft Rock, and Classical all throughout the day.

Music was able to relax my dog and I’m positive it will be able to relax yours!

It’s always good practice to leave on music dogs like so they aren’t left alone feeling lonely, stressed, and afraid.

Please leave us a comment if music for dogs has helped your dog and what type of music your dog likes! Or if you need dog help.

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