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Pug Shirt Inspiration

Small, compact and clownish, Pugs are described as “a lot of dog in a small package”. New owners are often surprised to find out just how much personality the breed has.

They LOVE to show off, often times putting on such a performance that even those who don’t like dogs fall in love.

Pug Shirts

Due to this, Pugs are quite popular among the “I will never own a dog” crowd, converting quite a few…

Do not fall under the impression that Pugs are just oafs- they carry themselves with dignity even when they are goofing off.

With the qualities mentioned above, it is no wonder that Pugs easily worm their way into the hearts of millions.

Our Pug shirts showcase the breed’s personality with unique and innovative designs that are fitting of the carefree dog.

If you call yourself a Pug lover, you need our Pug apparel!

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