Online Dog Trainer vs In Person Dog Trainer


Dog owners know all too well how frustrating dog training can be. Some dogs are so bad that it seems like they are impossible to train!

I was unfortunate enough to get a dog that was on the “impossible to train” spectrum…

Hello, my name is Jeff, and today I wanted to share my experiences with online dog trainers and in person dog trainers.

I used to have a super troublesome bundle of fur named Sammie. She was like a mini Godzilla, “no joke” she would literally get into everything!

Nothing in her path of destruction survived…NOTHING!

Not to mention she would pee and poop all over the house…She was a living nightmare!

That doesn’t mean I love her any less because I love her dearly. I just didn’t love all the misbehavior.

I thought I would be able to train her all by myself with no issues or outside help, boy was I wrong…

Training her was a nightmare within itself, she didn’t listen to a word I said… I gave up and hoped that she would just grow out of all her bad habits.

That was a horrible decision…

The longer I waited the more destructive Sammie became.

One day, she got a hold of my favorite shoes and shredded them…I just broke down crying.

Not so much over the shoes, more over because I thought I was going to have to give her up and that was the last thing I wanted to do.

I had hit my breaking point, I decided right then and there to never give up on her and to get her professional help.

I needed a professional dog trainer FAST!

The sad thing was, I didn’t know where to even begin, so I just Googled “Professional dog training”.

Google recommended an online dog trainer by the name of Doggy Dan. He sounded the part, so I checked out his website and everything looked amazing!

Long story short, The Online Dog Trainer was how I fully trained Sammie.

At this point in time I wasn’t completely sold on the idea of an online dog trainer, so I held off.

That same week I had to stop by PetSmart to pick up some puppy food for Godzilla…um, I mean Sammie!

The cashier informed me that they were giving out free 1-week puppy training courses, that if I liked it I could sign up for their 12-week paid course.

Meh…I thought to myself “what do I have to lose”? I had already lost my favorite shoes and Sammie wasn’t getting any better…

So I decided to check out the free PetSmart puppy training while I had the chance.

It was the perfect opportunity for me to be able to make an educated decision on choosing between the Online Dog Trainer or an In-Person Trainer.

Sammie and I started our in-class puppy training a week later, needless to say I was less than impressed…

First Day Of Class

As you already know most puppies just want to have fun. Their attention spans are nearly nonexistent.

So, when you put one “Godzilla” puppy in with about 15 other “Godzilla” puppies, you get pure mayhem and destruction!

The only thing the puppies wanted to do was to play with one another! Sammie could have cared less about the instructor or me for that matter.

I think it’s safe to say that the training class was more or less a puppy play date…

Half of the dog owners attending the class did not control their dogs.

They would allow them to run all over the place distracting people that were trying to listen to what the instructor had to say.

At the start of the class we were told to keep our dogs on a leash and to not allow them more than 2 feet of slack.

People did not listen.

The rudeness of the class was insane, people continually talked over one other and deliberately took up the instructor’s time over non-sense questions or concerns.

Very little time was dedicated to you and your puppy.

I think Sammie got MAYBE 5 minutes of real training between all the interruptions and chaos.

Keep in mind this was a 45-minute class!

Sammie and I stuck it out for the entire week and the environment never improved.

By the end of the course we had not learnt anything new and Sammie was still riddled with horrible dog behavior problems…

On the bright side, we did meet some very nice people and Sammie made a bunch of new puppy friends.

The social experience was great for her, and the only positive. But if you are looking for a social experience just go to a dog park where its ALWAYS free…


Choosing A Dog Trainer

The in-person dog training wasn’t for us or worth the money.

I decided that Sammie and I would be better suited for solo training, so that she wouldn’t be so distracted by other dog’s or new environments.

I went back to The Online Dog Trainer and bought the course and immediately got to work!

The course was fantastic, it covered everything! I mean everything… Here is a tiny list of things the course covers.

  1. Dog aggression
  2. Potty training
  3. Barking
  4. Jumping
  5. Chewing

The course covers a vast variety of problems much more than your standard dog trainer ever could.

Heck, there are over 40 specific dog behavior issues alone that can cause you and your dog problems.

I had no clue that a dog could have that many issues…

I thought if I could potty train and get Sammie to stop chewing everything in sight that I would be in good shape.

Who knew there were so many other dog behaviors that could possibly cause us issues down the road…

No need to fear because Doggy Dan has an archive of over 300 videos, where he covers every single dog issue known to man!


Training Begins

We utilized everything the online dog trainer had to offer, and it was A LOT! Everyday, Sammie and I would train no matter what, consistency was the key to our success…

When we got stuck on something, we simply asked our questions on the forum that was provided with the program.

All our questions and concerns were answered by Dan or one of his assistants. The community also chipped in a lot of the time!

“The community is fantastic by the way”

It only took us about 6 weeks or so to fully cure her of her destructive chewing behavior.

Apart of me kind of misses calling her “Godzilla” but I don’t’ miss all the destruction she left behind!


Knowledge Is Power

If I had a time machine and could do this all over again with the knowledge I have now, I would 100% have bought The Online Dog Trainer from day one of bringing Sammie home with me.

I would have saved SO much time and money, since I had to replace countless items that she destroyed.

I feel great and so does my wallet! It is quite nice not having to replace something you have already bought a second time…

Sammie is in a much better state of mind, she is way more relaxed, calm and listens to commands with ease.

If you want to check out the course for yourself Doggy Dan has a $1 trial that you can find on his official website.

The Online Dog Trainer Vs. In Person Dog Trainer Things To Consider

You should always weigh out your options before choosing anything, at least that’s how I view things.

Here is a quick list that should help you ask yourself the important questions…


1. Quality

Your first concern should always be quality! The last thing you want to be doing is paying for a service that isn’t worth the money.

The quality rating of any given product can vary among users, I could think something is amazing as to where you could think it’s sub-par.

Only you can decide if something is worth the money.

Just be warned that if your dog isn’t learning anything within a few weeks then I would highly question the quality of the dog training you are giving them.


2. Cost

Always consider cost, your total cost shouldn’t be anything outrageous…

Unless you are paying for private one-on-one training sessions and are having a dog trainer come over to your house to train your dog personally.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be shelling out no more than 50$ a month on dog training.

There are a lot of scammers out there so keep your eyes peeled!

Professional scammers will try to up-sell you, these people often charge $100’s sometimes thousands of dollars a month for dog training.

Just be careful is all I’m saying…

The Online Dog Trainer is only $37 a month! Plus, you get a 3-day trial for $1 most days.


3. Ease of Usage

A program is worthless if it’s too complicated to use by your targeted audience.

The whole premise of a program is to teach others.

I can’t tell you how many complicated programs I have bought over the years that were supposed to help me but instead confused me even further…

Ease of use is extremely important when considering a dog training program.

Some people are so desperate to make a buck that they try to totally re-invent the wheel…

Which results in the most outlandish programs that are totally un-necessary and quite frankly in-effective.

Do yourself a favor and go with a program that is easy to follow.


4. Level of Support

A good program will have extraordinary customer support.

It is in your best interest to go with a program where you can ask questions if you get stuck or have concerns.

Dog training isn’t easy by any means and you will need ALL the help you can get.

Sometimes that means you will need to talk to a professional…The Online Dog Trainer provides that service with their 24/7 forums and email!


Online Dog Trainer vs In Person Dog Trainer, Which is Better?

To be honest it all boils down to personal preference…

Some people and their dogs do great with in person dog trainers and some do not.

For me online dog training was the better choice by far, it was a blessing that I didn’t even know I needed.

At the end of the day you have to decide which is better for yourself and your dog.


I couldn’t be any happier with my choice.

If anyone asks me about dog training, I’m happy to tell them about The Online Dog Trainer By Doggy Dan and my experiences with it.

I know firsthand how powerful this program is and how it can help millions of dogs and their owners.

So many dogs are given to shelters because their owners can’t handle them, because they couldn’t train them…

I refused to be a part of that statistic…

Going to a conventional dog class with a group wasn’t for me or my dog. The dog trainer had no time for us let alone our problems…

Not to mention that there were WAY TO MANY distractions, which made it nearly impossible to focus on the trainer.

Just imagine sharing a small room with 10 – 15 other dogs plus their human counter parts all wanting attention….

It’s much worse if you have a bad/vial group of people.

You’ll be wasting your money at a conventional dog trainer in my opinion.

I would much rather pay to have the same knowledge as a certified dog trainer handed to me so that I could train my dog in private without distractions.

Hopefully the information I covered in the article was enough to allow you to choose between an online dog trainer or an in-person dog trainer.

If you feel like you need further guidance, with clear step by step instructions. I would highly suggest checking out The Online Dog Trainer By

Doggy Dan it has everything you will need and more to solve any dog behavior problems you might have.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment!

Have a great day and good luck!


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