Online Dog Trainer vs In Person Dog Trainer
All Dog owners know firsthand how troublesome dog training can be. Some dogs make you feel like they are impossible to train! Sadly, I know this feeling first hand, which is the whole reason why I’m taking the time to write this article.

Hello, my name is Jeff and I used to have a super troublesome bundle of fur! Named Sammie, she was like a mini Godzilla (no joke) she would literally get into everything and totally destroy it! Not to mention house trainer her was a total nightmare!

I thought I was skilled enough where I could trainer her myself, and she would grow out of her bad ways eventually. Boy was I wrong! the longer I waited the more destructive Sammie became. One day she got a hold of a pair of my favorite shoes! That was my breaking point I decided that I needed professional help and I needed it fast!

I went where every person goes when they don’t know the answer to something…Google!

I did a quick search and found a really good dog training website called the online dog trainer from Doggy Dan. Ultimately this is the program I used to train Sammie with. I wrote a full Review on the course so that you don’t have to go searching for one! The Online Dog Trainer Review

Okay back to the story… Honestly I didn’t really know where to start even after finding an online dog trainer that looked promising. I wasn’t totally sold on the idea yet. Ironically enough that same week I had to stop by petsmart to pick up some puppy food for Godzilla uh… I mean Sammie! And the cashier told me that they were giving out a 1 week puppy training course for free! That If I liked it I could sign up for the 12 week course.

Meh…I thought to myself what do I have to lose? I’ve already lost my favorite shoes…Ugh no time to dwell on the past!

It’s free so I should probably check it out before taking a chance on an online course. It’s not like it could make Sammie any worse than she already is.

We started our puppy class a week later needless to say I was less than impressed.

As you already know most puppies just want to play they have the attention span of an egg “nonexistent”. So… when you put one Godzilla puppy in with about 15 other Godzilla puppies you get pure destruction!

All Sammie wanted to do was play with the other puppies, and all the other puppies wanted to do was play with all the other puppies! The training was more or less a puppy play date.

Half the owners attending the class allowed their dogs to interact fully with other dogs which caused interrupts while the training was taking place. Instead of keeping the leash no longer than a foot. It seemed people could only take so much of their dog pulling to get to other dogs.

On top of that some people were very rude and would take up the instructors time over none sense questions or concerns. Like they were the only ones paying for the class. Well in my cause I was attending for free thing goodness!

Very little time was dedicated to you and your puppy which was no surprise to me. I think Sammie got maybe 5 minutes of real training between all the interruptions and such. Keep in mind this was a 45 minute class.

Sammie and I stuck it out for the entire week, but the environment did not improve sadly. At the end of the course we did not learn anything new and Sammie was still a rampaging Godzilla doggo!

Online Dog Trainer vs In Person Dog Trainer

Although we did meet some nice people and Sammie did enjoy making new puppy friends, the social experience was great for her. But unfortunately the in person dog training wasn’t for us or worth the money. So we did not take the 12 week course.

I decided that Sammie and I would be better suited for solo training. So that she wouldn’t be so distracted by other dogs or new environments.

So I went back to Doggy Dan’s website and purchased the course, then Godzilla and I got to work!

The course was great, it covered everything! I mean everything. Here is a tiny list of things the course covered.

  1. Dog aggression
  2. Potty training
  3. Barking
  4. Jumping
  5. Chewing

There are over 40 specific problems covered! Heck, I didn’t even know that many things could be an issue for a dog. I just thought if I could potty train and get Sammie to stop chewing everything I would be in great shape. But I guess they are people out there with a lot more serious issues that need fixing!

Doggy Dan Review

There is also an archive of over 200 videos, where Doggy Dan constantly adds new and improved videos. Just to keep my story short sweet and to the point if you want to learn more about the program just read The Online Dog Trainer Review.

Now, back to the story! We utilized everything the online dog trainer had to offer. Everyday Sammie and I would train consistently no matter what. Some days we would get stuck on something but we were able to ask questions on the form section. It only took us about 6 weeks to fully cure her of her destructive ways!

I kind of miss calling her Godzilla but I don’t miss all the destruction she left behind ha-ha.

If I could step back and do this all over again with the knowledge I have now I would 100% have bought the online dog trainer from day one of bringing Sammie home with me.

It would have saved me so much money since I had to replace a lot of things she destroyed.

Plus I think she feels a lot better since she’s not always in trouble, and I feel a lot better knowing that she isn’t always going to be trouble ha-ha Oh and my wallet feels amazing!

If you want to check out the course for yourself Doggy Dan has a 1$ trial that you can find on his official website

Online dog trainer vs in person dog trainer things to consider

1. Quality

The very first thing that I think you need to consider is quality. The last thing you want to be doing is paying for a service that isn’t worth your money. Quality rating will ultimately be left up to your own judgment, what I mean is some people with thing a product is amazing and others will not… Just be warned if your dog isn’t learning anything new within a few weeks then I would highly question the quality of the dog training you are receiving and would switch to another program ASAP.

2. Cost

Secondly I would consider cost. Your total cost shouldn’t be anything outrages. Unless you are paying for private one on one training and are having a dog trainer come over to train your dog personally. Honestly I wouldn’t be shelling out no more than 50$ a month on dog training. There are a lot of scammers out there that are very good at up-selling themselves. These people often charge $100+ a month for dog training. Just be careful is all I’m saying. On a side note The online Dog Trainer is only $37 a month after the $1 3 day trial expires.

3. Ease of usage

Thirdly no program is worth any kind of money if it simply does not work and if it’s not easy to follow in my opinion. I can’t tell you how many complicated programs I have come across over the years. Plus the countless nightmare stories friends and family have told me. Trainers now days are so desperate to make a name for themselves they try to totally re-invent the wheel. They come up with the must out laddish programs that are totally un-necessary and quite frankly in-effective.

4. Level of support

The fourth and final thing to consider is your level of support. What good is a program if you can’t ask questions when you get stuck or don’t understand something? Whether you are in a physical class or an online class you should have access to someone that can answer questions. Or at least some type of guide where you can find the answers to any questions.


So which is better? Online dog training or in person dog training? Well that’s totally a personal preference… For me Online dog training was a blessing that I didn’t even know I needed.

All four of the things to consider I listed are fully covered with the online dog trainer by doggy Dan.

I couldn’t be any more happy with my purchase and any time someone asks me about dog training I’m happy to tell them about Doggy Dan’s course because I know firsthand how powerful it is and how happy they will be after they purchase it.

Going to a group dog classes wasn’t for me. I felt like the trainer barley had any time to dedicate to me or my issues. There were so many distractions that it made it pretty impossible to focus on anything. On top of that you have to share the time with 10 – 15 other people which isn’t ideal.

On top of that if you get a bad group of people you will easily be wasting your time and money because they will cause all kinds of problems and tie up the instructor from helping anyone else but them.

Sadly the only way out of this is to hire a private instructor which is going to run you a pretty penny. To be honest I have never hired one nor would I ever, but I do know people that have and they paid the price for it. They were paying in the 100’s of dollars range per month and they said they didn’t really learn anything new from the experience.

Do yourself and your dog a favor and check out the online dog trainer  by doggy Dan. That $1 3 day trial is a hell of a deal! Worst thing that can happen is you lose 1 whole dollar.

Official Website:

Doggy Dan Dog Training 1 Dollar Trial

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