How To Stop Dog From Jumping Permanently! ULTIMATE Guide

I couldn’t take my Boxer anywhere, not even the dog park!

He would literally go up to random people in the dog park that would be trying to play fetch with their dog and jump all over them until he got the toy!

Ashamed, embarrassed, and scared, I knew it was time to find him the training he needed and FAST!

Hello, my name is Alexia, and today I wanted to share with you how I trained my 1-year old Boxer in as little as 5 weeks to stop jumping on people!

Bruno’s Story

Bruno has always been a naughty puppy, but nothing compared to the bad habit he developed when he was around 4 months old.


It was cute at first because he was a clumsy big-eyed puppy that wasn’t big enough to harm a fly.

Unfortunately, as he got older, his jumping got worse, and he was starting to become a danger to the people around him.

His jumping got so bad that I couldn’t even have guests over without putting him in his crate. He hated his dog crate, but he had to go in it because he would just get too excited and knock people over.

Has Your Dog Ever Knocked Someone Over?

I figured maybe he wasn’t getting enough exercise, so I took him to the park so that he could burn off some energy and perhaps interact with other dogs. Yeah. That was a HUGE mistake on my part!

Disaster Struck

An older lady came into the dog park with her Labrador and one of those ball launchers, and as soon as Bruno saw the lady holding the ball above her head he took off like a rocket at full speed!

Waiting For Impact

My heart immediately dropped into the pit of my stomach.

I thought to myself.

“This is it, he’s going to put this lady into the hospital, and he’s going to get put down.”

I immediately called for him, but it was too late, he was locked on to her like a heat-seeking missile!


Thankfully he slowed down and didn’t plow her over.

Sure, enough, his frantic jumping ended up knocking her to the ground.

I was so scared not only for the lady but for Bruno and myself. I didn’t know what to do.

The Aftermath

I ran over to her, apologized a thousand times, and helped her up. Luckily the lady laughed it off and said it happens all the time and not to worry about it.

Once I got Bruno under control, we chatted for a bit. I explained to her that I really wanted to take him to some sort of dog training school, but everything I found was too expensive or worthless like the PetSmart training.

Turn Of Events

She stated that she had similar issues but was lucky enough to find a solution!

She suggested I use an online dog training course that she used to train her Labrador.

I paused for a moment and started looking around and said, “where is your Labrador by the way?”

She laughed and pointed, “Oh, he’s just running around sniffing things.”

She let out a loud whistled and he came running and just sat down calmly next to her!

I was super impressed by her dog, and the effortless amount of energy it took to command him.

I asked, “did you really learn how to control him from using the online dog Trainer?” She laughed and smiled and said, “yes.”

She ensured me that it was a highly respected dog training program that would fix any dog problem that I had, even the crazy jumping.

I was stunned and excited about what the future held for Bruno and me.

Curiosity Got Me

Upon returning home, I immediately ran over to my computer and checked out the website.

I watched the introductory video on the home page and everything he said made perfect sense! I felt like he was talking directly to me about Bruno! You can watch the video here to see what I mean.

I even tried one of the free tricks he taught in the introductory video on Bruno, and it actually worked!

I was so surprised and impressed. I immediately bought the course.

The Online Dog Trainer was exactly what Bruno and I needed!

For legal reasons, I cannot disclose precisely what lies within the program, so you will have to check it out for yourself. But I can discuss with you the main tips I felt helped me the most to fix Bruno’s jumping. Let’s get started.

8 Tips To STOP Dog Jumping Permanently

8 Tips To STOP Dog Jumping Permanently

A lot of dogs are just a tad bit too enthusiastic about greeting you and/or other people. Today we will be covering some fantastic tips that will help you calm them down and get their jumping under control.

1. Exercise Your Dog

Physical and mental stimulation go hand and hand; you must be providing your dog with regular exercise.

Depending on your breed, you might need to provide an INTENSE exercise routine.


A lot of dogs were bred to work around the farm, herding sheep and cattle, etc. that DNA has stuck with them throughout the decades.

This pent-up energy causes problems for modern-day owners because they don’t have the time to STIMULATE their dogs correctly.

The more pent-up energy the dog has, the harder it will be for them to focus and listen to you.

It’s not their fault. I mean, think about it for a moment. You have a dog that was bred to herd sheep for hours on end, and now they’re sitting in a suburban household lounging on couches all day.

There is nothing wrong with that at all, but we as owners still have to mentally and physically satisfy their needs. Otherwise, they are going to create chaos for everyone around them.

If you have a high energy dog, I would highly recommend that you teach them how to fetch!

Fetch is the perfect HIGH-intensity exercise to satisfy ANY dog mentally and physically.

2. Stop, Start, Change Directions Routine

Excited dogs tend to jump A LOT. Which means you will need to calm them down.

To achieve this, you should never shout at your dog. Shouting only makes things worse.

Instead, try the “stop, start, change direction routine.”

This is where you attach a short line or leash to your dog and when they start to jump or pull you quickly change directions and stop, then start walking again.

The great thing about this tool is that it’s completely done in a calm yet assertive manner.

You can repeat the process until your dog sufficiently calms down.

It’s a simple but very effective tool to utilize.

3. Use Dog Treats

I know it sounds a bit odd, and you are probably wondering why you are using treats to teach your dog NOT to jump.

The premise behind the treats is to keep your dog from jumping not to encourage it.

Studies have indicated that rewarding dogs with high-value treats significantly decreases the time and sessions needed to learn various behaviors such as commands, tricks, and more.

4. Use Sit and Stay Command

Dog commands are essential! The reason your dog is jumping in the first place is that they like to greet us and everyone on planet earth at the face. That’s just how they say hello and interact with everyone.

If you are struggling with teaching your dog how not to jump, your issue isn’t that you have a jumping dog.

The issue is that you haven’t taught your dog how to sit and stay when they’re excited.


Use those treats I was talking about earlier? Well, we are going to utilize them to teach your dog how to sit and stay.

The more you work with your dog on these commands, the better off you will be. You need to practice, practice, and practice some more.

Find a quiet place to practice, and when they do what you want them to be sure to praise them. I would suggest using “Good Boy, or Good Girl” then give them the treat while petting them on the head.

You can do sit and stay training any time of the day, just make sure you have your treats stored around the house so that you can get to them in a moment’s notice for a reward.

5. Correct Your Dog Immediately 

When your dog is jumping when they shouldn’t be, you must be willing to correct them immediately.

Dogs are pack animals, and you are their pack leader, it’s up to you to teach them what they’re allowed to do and what they’re not allowed to do even if they are looking super cute doing it.

You have to understand that a dog’s mom. The ultimate pack leader would never tolerate inappropriate behavior.

If a puppy does something they should not be doing, you best believe that the mother will step in and correct her puppy no matter how cute they’re being.

She, of course, will do this in a calm-assertive manner which does not harm the puppy in any way.

The result of her actions teaches her important puppy boundaries, and her firm and unambiguous leadership show the puppy where their role within the pack lies.


You are their leader. Think of yourself as the mother of the puppy.

You must teach them that you are the pack leader and that their role will to be to follow your command.

6. Ignore Your Dog

This is a tough task for most people to accomplish because they always want to love on their dogs. “Yes, I have trouble with this!”

The steps I’ve outlined below will help you out tremendously.

Never praise or give your dog attention while they are jumping.

Because giving attention to them in an emotional state only encourages their behavior.

If your dog jumps up on you at any point, redirect them into the sit position and ask them to stay.

Reward them ONLY when they comply  

It is best practice to have your guests ignore your dog as well.

At any point in time, your dog tries to jump on a guest; you should implement the sit and stay commands.

You should be the one doing this for your guests so that your dog knows that you are the leader.

This also allows you to stay consistent across the board.

Your dog might understand that they aren’t allowed to jump up on you, but might seize the moment to jump up on someone else!


A lot of guests will ignore the no-jumping rules, they will say “it’s okay, I don’t mind” and that’s nice and all. But you are the one that has to deal with any injuries your dog inflicts on another person.

Politely tell them, thank you for understanding. But you have a no jumping allowed policy.

If you have guests that ignore the no-jumping rules, then simply keep your dog on a leash.

This will make it easy for you to control their behavior at a moment’s notice.

7. Consistency Is Key

You must be consistent, no matter what. You can’t allow your dog to jump one day then try and discipline them the next.

Being consistent is one of the most important aspects of dog training.

Inconsistency can trigger confusion and anxiety, which is the last thing you want to happen.

Because then you will have a dog that doesn’t know to act at any point in any setting.

If you know that you’ve got guests coming over, exercise your dog just before they arrive. This will allow you to drain a large portion of their energy, and they will be less inclined to interact with your company.

When your guests do arrive, make sure that your dog is on a leash or in another room. This allows you to minimize or prevent the jumping from occurring altogether.

Once everyone is inside the home and settled down, then you can bring your dog out to meet everyone in a controlled fashion.

This is the perfect time for a quick on the spot training session of sit and stay!

Once your dog sits or stays, you can have your guests pet and praise them. If your dog attempts to jump, simply intervene and redirect them into a sit and ask them to stay.


It’s our responsibility as dog owners to do this training, not your guests or strangers.

A lot of people are tempted to have their guests do the training, but that is not proper dog care.

Your dog needs to learn to listen to you above all others; you are supposed to be their leader.

8. Baby Steps

You can’t expect your dog to stop jumping overnight. That’s simply never going to happen.

As a general rule of thumb, always take your training slow and keep your expectations low.

Let me explain

For example, Bruno loves toys. Especially toys that are in people’s hands. Which means he’s going to jump to get it.

But if I teach him the sit command before allowing him the toy, he will start to learn that if he sits patiently, he will be given the toy.

With Bruno, I only asked him to sit for a few seconds before I gave him the toy and rewarded him with a treat.

Because if I had waited longer than 3 seconds let’s say 10, he would have no doubt jumped up on me.


By approaching training this way, you make much quicker progress.

You will be able to build upon your prior training sessions continually. Your dog will be able to stay in the seated position longer and longer each time.

Eventually, they will sit and stay until you give them what they are waiting for.

Guess what. NO MORE JUMPING for this big guy!


I am so proud of him, he now sits down and waits when I tell him too!

Which is all thanks to The Online Dog Trainer who would have thought that I could learn how to train my dog from following an online course? Not me. Well, that was until I tried it for myself.

All it took was for a lady to get knocked down at the park to find out about the online dog trainer that would change our lives forever!

What If Your Dog Doesn’t Stop Jumping?

If you have attempted to follow the suggested tips and still have jumping issues, then it’s time to pull in professional help.

That doesn’t mean you need to go out and find a local dog trainer and pay hundreds or thousands of dollars.

I used The Online Dog Trainer to train my dog to stop jumping with no problems.

Dog jumping is very dangerous, and the last thing you want is for your dog to harm someone. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Not only could you face fines, but your dog could be put down.


I was able to fully train Bruno in a short period, in which I could not be any more ecstatic about it!

My family and friends can now come over without getting trampled on by a 65-lb Boxer!

Now I have a well-behaved Boxer that doesn’t jump all over people and does what he’s told!

Hopefully, the training tips I covered in the article were enough to get you started on solving your dog’s problem.

If you feel like you need further guidance, with clear step by step instructions to establish leadership over your dog in a loving way.

Then I would highly suggest checking out The Online Dog Trainer.

Doggy Dan has everything you will need and more to solve your dog’s jumping problems.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment!

Have a great day, and good luck!


Your dog should enjoy their training, and so should you. So, no matter how you decide to train your dog, make sure they have a positive experience!

“Dog jumping is a terrible habit, a habit that can harm others! A habit that can cost you thousands of dollars in dog training, medical bills, and land you in court. A habit that can be CURED if you put in the effort it!

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