How To Stop Dog Digging Permanently! ULTIMATE Guide

My wife called me EXTREMELY upset, so upset in fact that I thought she was going to break down and cry!! She informed me that a large portion of her tomato plants had been dug up and destroyed by our dog!

She had been outside with him all morning gathering vegetables for dinner.

When she took the vegetables inside to clean them up, she left him in the backyard to run off some energy. Apparently, he decided he would help too and dug up a few plants.

As funny as the situation was to me, I didn’t dare let her know that.

I ensured her that I would take care of everything. I needed to teach him that it wasn’t okay to dig in his mommy’s garden and FAST! Otherwise, she was going to have both of our heads!

Throughout this article, you will learn about

Top 6 Tips To PERMANENTLY Fix Your Dog’s Digging Behavior

  1. Exercising your dog daily
  2. Providing quality chew toys
  3. Controlling your dog’s environment
  4. Cooling Your dog down
  5. Correcting your dog
  6. Staying consistent

How To Train Your Dog ( Digging )Hello, there! My name is Jake, and I wanted to share with you how I trained my Rottweiler, Bo, to not dig up the garden. And how I taught him where it is acceptable to dig without getting into trouble.

Bo’s Story

My wife has a passion for cooking and loves to use organic vegetables in her home-cooked meals. We have always lived in apartments dreaming of the day when we could move out of the cramped space into a roomy house with a large backyard!

Thankfully, that dream is now a reality, and we couldn’t be any happier.

The very first thing my wife asked me was to help her make a vegetable garden big enough so that she could grow all of her favorite vegetables. So that she didn’t have to purchase them from the local farmers market.

Of course, I told her, “sure thing, not a problem.” After getting settled into the house, we immediately started on the garden. It turned out being quite a large project, a lot larger than we anticipated.

It took us a few weeks to get it all set up, but it was well worth the effort.

Once completed, my wife couldn’t wait for things to start growing. She would check on the progress every single morning before leaving for work at 7 a.m.

Vegetables Vs. Bo

Bo is our Rottweiler fur baby that loves to follow us around everywhere we go. If he could have it his way he would go everywhere with us, he is basically the equivalent of a two-year-old!

Bo always wants to be in on the action no matter what, if he sees you doing something that seems somewhat interesting, he will want to join in. He will literally try to copy what you are doing!

Sometimes this gets him in trouble, “Like digging in the garden.”

Does Your Dog Try To Copy You?

When I got the phone call from my wife that Bo had dug up the garden, I couldn’t be mad at him for digging.

Because it wasn’t entirely his fault, Bo has lived in a one-bedroom apartment his entire life and has never had the luxury of having his very own yard to roam around in.

He watched us dig up the ground and figured it was okay for him to do the same “Just like a child would do.”

Keeping Tabs At All Times

After the first incident, we held a close eye on Bo and would watch him like a hawk when we let him out back to use the bathroom.

We regularly caught him trying to dig in the garden. All he wanted to do was use the bathroom and dig…he was addicted!

Searching For A Dog Trainer

I really wanted to get Bo into a dog training program, but all the local dog trainers were too expensive, and on top of that we live about 25 minutes from the nearest town. That is not even counting time spent sitting in rush hour traffic…my work schedule was a major problem. Luckily, I found a much cheaper solution that worked perfectly!

Bad Timing

Bo’s bad habit came at a pretty bad time since we had just taken out a loan for our dream home. And in the process of getting settled and ironing out all the bills.

We didn’t want to have to shell out 100’s of dollars on a dog trainer.

Searching For Hope

I joined a bunch of Facebook groups about dogs to see if I could find any help or leads. I shared Bo’s story, and it was an instant hit! Bo’s story got a ton of positive feedback and laughs to boot.

A bunch of the members started sharing stories, about how naughty their dogs used to be. Some of the stories were incredibly mind-blowing; I was amazed! A LOT of people had it a lot worse than me…

One lady suggested an online dog training course that A LOT of the members had used and found great success with.

When I first read her message, I immediately thought to myself, “How does one train a dog online?”

She shared a link to the website this dog training course was on, and curiosity got the best of me since everyone was praising how great it was!

I was sent to the home page of the course where I was able to watch an introductory video; it blew my mind.

Everything the man was explaining to me made perfect sense. You can watch the video here to see what I mean.

Finding The Right Dog Trainer

I tried one of the free tricks he taught in the introductory video, and it actually worked on Bo!

I was so impressed. I decided to buy the course on the spot, and I couldn’t be any happier about my purchase.

Unfortunately, I can’t reveal the exact methods that are shown in the course for legal reasons. But I can tell 7 tips that helped me the most to PERMANENTLY stop Bo from digging!

You will have to check out the course yourself to understand the full power of the training.

Top 6 Tips To PERMANENTLY Fix Your Dog’s Digging Behavior

1. Exercising Your Dog

You should always make it your TOP priority to exercise your dog no matter what. Dogs that are full of energy will find ways to release that energy. Most often, in the form of digging and chewing.

These bad habits generally only come to the surface when a dog is full of pent up energy or when boredom sets in. A dog will always find an outlet ALWAYS!

Don’t let that be your garden or a pair of sneakers!

Ways To Exercise Your Dog

I HIGHLY recommend the following two exercises, especially if you are limited on time!

1. Tug-of-war

The king of dog exercise when it comes to limited time, give it a try sometime trust me. Generally, a 10-minute-high intensity tug session will be sufficient enough to drain a good amount of your dog’s energy. Size and breed should be taken into consideration.

The benefits of playing tug with your dog

  • Intense mental and physical workout
  • Strengthens your bond with your dog
  • Creates a distraction when training
  • Teaches impulse control
  • Doubles as an arm and back work out for yourself

2. Fetch

If you have a tad more time on your hands, say around 15 – 20 minutes, fetch is hands down the KING of dog exercises! At its core, it is the simplest and most effective way to expense your dog’s energy hands down.

 The benefits of playing fetch with your dog

  • Intense mental and physical workout
  • Strengthens your bond with your dog
  • Combats obesity
  • Passively train sit, stay, leave it, and drop it commands

Why Use Play To Teach Your Dog To Not Dig?

Stimulation. If your dog is appropriately stimulated, they will feel no urge to try and find ways to stimulate themselves on their own.

AKA digging…

Play provides the ultimate stimulation outlet, physically and mentally.

2. Dog Chew Toys

Chew toys should ALWAYS be provided to your dog no matter what. Chewing is embedded in your dog’s DNA; they chew for many reasons. Some of those reasons are to release stress, anxiety, and boredom.

How To Use Dog Chew Toys For Training

Chew toys never seem to be used to their fullest, even though their purpose is pretty straight forward. Dog chew toys have a greater purpose other than tossing the toy on the floor in front of your dog.

  • Redirection

When you catch your dog doing something they shouldn’t be doing, you should redirect them.

For example,

Your catch your dog digging in the garden. Instead of yelling at them to quit, redirect them to a chew toy.

Since your dog is most probably digging because they are bored or looking to burn off some energy.

  • Exercise

Believe it or not, dog chew toys are an excellent way to burn off A LOT of access energy your dog might have pent up. Especially if you go with a very challenging toy.

You can take it to another level by playing tug-of-war with your dog. There are tons of chew toys on the market designed to double as a tug toy. The only thing missing is you on the other end training with your dog.

Why Use Dog Chew Toys To Teach Your Dog To Stop Digging?

Well, like I said before. It all comes back to stimulation. Chew toys create a perfect distraction for your dog when they are doing something they shouldn’t be doing. You must redirect them onto something positive when you catch them doing something negative.

Keep in mind

All chew toys are NOT created equal! You must provide your dog with the proper types of chew toys. Especially if you want a well-behaved dog. So many people make this mistake and do not accommodate their dog’s needs to the fullest.

If you have no idea what type of toy to get, then I would suggest that you choose a wide verity so that your dog can choose which type suits them best.

Younger dogs tend to like softer toys, as to where older dogs tend to like harder toys. That’s not to say that older dogs don’t love more delicate toys; it all depends on the dog and their mood.

3. Control Your Dog’s Environment

When it comes to dog digging this is probably the MOST overlooked aspect…

Controlling Your dog’s environment is YOUR responsibility and a massive part of resolving their digging problem.

For Example,

You are a parent of a 2-year-old child. That child does not know right from wrong UNLESS you teach them.

The same goes for a dog, and they will not know right from wrong unless you teach them.

Now fast forward, you have taught your child the basics. But now it’s YOUR responsibility as the parent to make sure that you are continually monitoring and guiding them every day when they step out of line.

The same rules apply when you are a dog owner. Your dog is the equivalent of a small child.

It is YOUR responsibility to manage your dog and keep them in line.

Ways To Control Your Dogs Environment

There are a few ways we can control the environment and make it better suited for our dog’s needs. Especially when we have a digger on our hands.

  •  Get Rid Of Ground Dwelling Animals

Invading pests are a common reason why dog’s to start digging in the yard. You might not even be aware that you have any!

Our dog’s sense of smell and hearing far surpass our own!

You could have gophers, squirrels, rats, or any other types of animals leaving behind trials and scents. If a dog catches on to them, then they are more than likely going to start digging to get to the source of the smell or sound.

  • Utilize Fencing

If you have areas of your yard that you do not want to be damaged, it is a good idea to buy some fencing and place it around the parameter.

Dogs are like children; they will wonder and become curious about their environment. It is up to us to block them from areas that we don’t want them in.

You have to remember that dogs are animals and animals are a free spirit. This means they might wander off into areas that might mean a great deal to you but not them. They simply do not understand that some areas are off-limits.


Use chicken wire in flower beds or areas that might become susceptible to digging. The chicken wire will not harm your dog and will deter them when they delve into it with their paws.

This alone could be enough to deter your dog from digging altogether.

4. Cool Your Dog Down

Dogs are still wild at heart; their genetic makeup is still 99% wolf. Digging is in their DNA and has been for millions of years… 1.8 million to be exact. Digging a hole is the primordial way for a dog to cool themselves down from the elements. We, as dog owners should respect that and aid them if we can do so.

Ways To Cool Your Dog Down

  • Build A Digging Deterrent

Basically, make them a dog sandbox. You can find all sorts of mixtures of dirt that would aid them in cooling off.

  • Kiddy Pool

Pretty straight forward. Simply go out and buy a kiddy pool for your dog and let them have at it.

5. Correct Your Dog Immediately

When you catch your dog in the act of digging, you need to correct them on the spot. If you wait for a later time, it will be pointless because they will not understand what they did wrong.

6. Consistent Dog Training

With any type of training in life, you must be consistent no matter what if you want results.

You can’t be on a diet one day and be off it the next. The same goes for dog training; you can’t allow your dog to get away with digging one day and get on to them about it the next!

Being consistent is one of the most important aspects of dog training.

Anxiety and confusion will set in if you do not remain consistent, and the last thing you want to happen is for your dog to be confused about what they are and are not allowed to do.

For example,

I am now able to let Bo stay out of his dog crate when we leave the house without any worries of him getting into things. I would have never trusted him alone in the house all day before the training.

Bo also had a bad habit of jumping when family and friends came to visit. He loves people, especially family members, and when he sees them, he can’t contain his excitement.

That’s all in the past now ever since we completed the online dog trainer course.

Instead of jumping up on people he calmly waits to be acknowledged and loved on. Although he still gets excited with the “zoomies” ha-ha.

Who would have thought that I would end up being able to train my dog with an online dog training course fully? To think all it took was for Bo to destroy some vegetables to get the ball rolling!

Happy wife, happy life, right? Well, that’s what I think anyway, and it’s been working out pretty good thus far! My wife is very proud of Bo and even made him a special doggy meal fit for a king with fresh vegetables from the garden.

Dog digging can get out of hand and can cause thousands of dollars in damages if left untrained. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

What If Your Dog Doesn’t Stop Digging?

If you have attempted to follow the suggested tips and still have digging issues, then it’s time to pull in professional help.

“Professional” doesn’t mean you have to pay an arm and a leg! I certainly would not dish out hundreds or thousands of dollars.

I used The Online Dog Trainer to train my dog to stop digging with no problems.

Bo has learned so many things since we bought the program!


How To Train Your Dog ( Digging )I was able to fully train Bo in an extremely short period, in which I could not be any more ecstatic!

I am so proud of him; I never have to worry about him digging up the garden ever again! On top of that, we are both safe from my wife’s wrath! Which is all thanks to The Online Dog Trainer.

Hopefully, the training tips I covered in the article were enough to get you started on solving your dog’s problem if you feel like you need further guidance, with clear step by step instructions.

Doggy Dan Has Everything You will need and more to solve your dog’s digging problem.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment!

Have a great day, and good luck!


Your dog should enjoy their training, and so should you. So, no matter how you decide to train your dog, make sure they have a positive experience!

“Dog Digging is a terrible habit, a habit that can destroy your yard! A habit that can cost you thousands of dollars in dog training, replacing dirt and plants. A habit that can be CURED if you put in the effort it!

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