Dog Training 101 – ULTIMATE Guide

When you get a new puppy or dog the first thing you want to do is prepare them for training. Dog training should be an enjoyable time for you and your dog. Sure, there will be bumps in the road but that’s okay. The whole reason there is such a thing as dog training is because your dog obviously doesn’t behave the way we want them to.

Throughout this article you will learn about the following:

  • Becoming the pack leader
  • Dog potty training & Puppy potty training
  • Dog jumping & Puppy jumping
  • Dog aggression
  • Dog separation anxiety
  • Dog pulling on leash
  • Recall dog training

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Dog Training Tips

Become The Pack Leader

The most important dog training tip I can give you is win over your dog’s mind. What I mean by this is you must first become the pack leader before you ever start diving into your dog training. If you do not establish becoming the pack leader first, then you are setting yourself and your dog up for failure. Before you start any dog training watch the video on the 5 golden rules to establishing yourself as the pack leaderI can’t stress how important these rules are for you and your dog. Don’t be that person that skips out on becoming the pack leader. The moment will come when you are in a critical situation and all you need is for your dog to listen to you and it will not. Because you neglected to become the pack leader and by doing this you have now placed yourself and your dog in harm’s way. Save yourself the time, heartache and stress and learn how to become the pack leader.

Motivate Your Dog

Learn what motivates your dog! This one is pretty easy if you take the time to really bond with your dog. It’s very important that you understand everything about them, before you can full on start your dog training. You must figure out what type of exercise, play and rewards your dog enjoys the most. So that you can make your dog as happy as possible. A happy dog will respond way better when they to training than a sad, upset, scared dog.

Dogs each have their own personalities I shouldn’t have to tell you that. Which means they all like different things. Some dogs love to fetch, others may love to run or do agility courses. You may have a swimmer, retriever or one that just loves obedience training.

These are just ideas of things your dog might be into, have some fun with them and see if your dog loves any of the activates.

The three main rewards are:

Food– anything from a single dry biscuit to a whole piece of sausage!

Affection– pats, cuddles, lots of high verbal praise

Toys– games, throwing a stick or object, chasing your dog etc.

You MUST reward your dog with one of these methods. Remember you are putting them through rigorous training. It may seem simple to you, but to your dog it’s very tough and stressful. They are trying their best to understand what you want out of them. So, you should always reward them in a positive manner, with something they love. They will enjoy their training 100x more because they are getting happy endings every session.

If you want to use food rewards, then always follow these simple tips:

  1. Switch up your food chooses, choose a few favorites so that you can keep your dog interested.
  2. Don’t give food rewards every single time they do something right or good. Keep them on their toes eager to keep doing the right thing so that they get the reward.
  3. Never let your dog know what the reward is before they perform the task.
  4. If you are practicing recall and they do not come to you on the first call DO NOT give them the reward.


Practice Practice Practice… dog training takes time; your dog is not going to pick up on what you are asking of them on the first take or even the second or third. Dog training is something you are going to have to set time aside for and really dedicate yourself. Once you become the pack leader, learn what motivates your dog and how to reward them then you are ready to dive head first into dog training!

One of the best sites that shows you all of this and more is The Online Dog Trainer, put together by top Dog Trainer, Doggy Dan!

Become The Pack Leader

I get asked dozens of questions on a daily basis about dog training and out of those dozens of questions I can only think of one that’s the most important question of all. That question is “how do I become the pack leader” I can’t stress how important it is to convince your dog that you are the person calling the shots at all times.

What is a pack leader any why? Think of the pack leader as the person that’s going to be making all of the decisions for you. They will be the individual that’s going to determine where you’re going to go for walks and how you will act in different situations. They will be the person guiding you though all the stuff life will be throwing in your path. The pack leader will be the person you will look to for guidance at all times.

In the wild this is how wolf packs operate there is always an alpha aka the leader. The rest of the wolves in the pack listen to every command he gives them. Once you realize this everything will start to make sense. If your dog does not have a pack leader in the household, then that’s when things start to go very wrong. Your dog will start to think they’re the pack leader and start doing things the way they want to do them. That’s when all the trouble starts because they start doing things they shouldn’t be doing.

Before you can understand how to become the pack leader you must first come to the realization that the following means nothing to a dog…

How big your house is, how much money you make, what type of car you drive or the fact that you can speak! They do not care about any of that, they would trade all of that stuff for a simple snack!

Many people think that making your dog sit before their dinner is a sign that they are the pack leader, but this couldn’t be further from the truth and is something that you really shouldn’t be focusing your training time towards when trying to become the pack leader.

You should never try to dominate your dog in any way. This type of behavior will never set you on the course to become the pack leader and will most certainly back fire on you later. The only thing this will accomplish is your dog viewing you as a bully while becoming fearful of you. Never try to force your dog into submission this will never earn you the title of pack leader and will only make your dog resent you more.

How does one become the pack leader? The pack leader position is established the same way worldwide regardless of the breed. The best way to learn and understand is by actually seeing it with your own eyes, I could explain it all day long to you, but it would be little to no use. I have a whole video course on this that covers each step in real time. The only way you will be able to achieve becoming the pack leader is by putting it into practice. Just have a look at my videos on the online dog trainer website.

If you want to become the pack leader, you will want to focus on taking control of the following areas in your dog’s life.

  1. When your dog senses danger they will often bark. As the pack leader you need to remain calm and collected always. Even if the barking is happening on your own property. As the leader you must show no signs of distress or aggravation. When you give commands, they will be assertive.
  2. Walking your dog on a lead with zero pull should be your main goal. When I mean zero I mean zero, your dog should never pull you at any stage of the walk. I have found that learning how to properly walk your dog can only be learnt through video demonstration.
  3. As the pack leader when your dog is inside the home or any building they should be calm. They should be in a relaxed state at all times. If your dog has high energy inside the home and is always getting into stuff or running around, then that’s a clear sign that they view themselves as the pack leader.
  4. Getting your dog to switch off aka energy levels are determined directly from how you meet and greet them once you enter your home. The process is so subtle, but it makes all the difference by showing your dog that you are the pack leader. You will need to watch it on video to fully understand and master.
  5. One of the most over looked areas when establishing becoming the pack leader is feeding your dog correctly. On top of that there is a lot more to it than just making your dog sit before their meal. Some dogs might not be motivated by food, not to worry you may be in for a surprise on how you can change this.

If you want to learn more about becoming the pack leader and how to do it step by step using video. Then the online dog trainer has you covered. They explain everything in a simple easy to follow manner. Remember becoming the pack leader is the key to changing any behavioral issue that you have with your dog.

Training Puppies

How to stop puppy biting

Training puppies does not have to be a nightmare, I know sometimes it can be a pain. But you must understand that puppies are babies and it’s going to take them time to understand what they are and are not allowed to do. Puppy biting is one of the most common puppy problems that owners have to deal with. I can’t even begin to tell you have many times I have heard the phrase How to stop puppy biting. Remember your puppy isn’t biting because they are wanting to cause harm. They are simply using what they were born with, it’s our job to teach them that it’s not okay to bite others, or chew on things that doesn’t belong to them. Training puppies can be a very enjoyable experience if you are willing to have an open mind and work with your puppy until the end.

How to stop puppy biting Step 1. Redirect

The first thing you should be doing when training puppies is redirecting them. You should never raise your voice, hit, or scold them in any manner! Your puppy is just that a puppy which means it’s a baby. Would you yell and scream at your baby for hitting? I would say not. You would calmly deal with the situation. The same goes for puppies, if they are biting on you redirect them to something they are allowed to bite on. Dogs are born chewers, it’s in their DNA and there is no getting that out. It’s also vital for their health, for example keeping clean strong teeth and gums.

How to stop puppy biting Step 2. Stay calm and repeat

I always warn people while training puppies they are going to be repeating themselves A LOT and they must always remain calm. Some puppies catch on quickly some do not. Consistency is key, if you stay consistent with your training then your puppy will eventually learn what they can and cannot chew on. Same goes for staying calm, puppies can tell when you are frustrated and upset. They can pinpoint an aggressive or agitated tone in your voice even if you don’t realize it at first. This will immediately set you back on your training and just hinder your relationship with your puppy. Always stay calm and redirect your puppy when they are chewing on something they shouldn’t be.

How to stop puppy biting Step 3. Time Out

It’s easy to get blinded by fancy training techniques while training puppies. But in reality the simplest techniques are the most effective. The one technique people often overlook is “Time Out”. When giving a puppy time out you want to stay completely calm. The calmer you are the more powerful the technique becomes. Once your puppy calms down you can let them out. It may take multiple sessions but they will eventually catch on. Sadly there is a slight catch to this, you must be the pack leader. If your puppy does not view you as the one in charge then all the training they underwent will not have the longevity it should have.

How to stop the mouthing and PREVENT it in the first place

Step 1. Become the pack leader

Step 2. Put in place the three training step.

How do you know if you have a problem?

  • Puppy biting does not stop after being redirected a few times
  • Biting very hard
  • Small children are being targeted
  • Ignoring commands
  • Puppy is over the age of 16 weeks and still biting

If you need further assistance on learning to master these techniques then check out the videos that Doggy Dan has created on his website The Online Dog Trainer. Dan is one of the world’s leading dog trainers you will not find another trainer that cares as much about your dog’s well being than Doggy Dan.

How to stop your puppy from peeing in the house

With new puppies comes extra work, we all know that. There are a few puppy potty training secrets that will get your puppy using the bathroom outside in no time. With that being said you are solely responsible for your puppy’s road to success. Let’s discuss the facts on puppy potty training shall we!?

Puppy Facts

Puppies are babies. I know “what the heck are you talking about?” I’m making sure you understand that puppies are babies and just like human babies when they need to go they go. We as humans tend to forget that puppies are just like babies, they need constant care especially with help using the bathroom. If your puppy uses the bathroom inside the house then that is your fault not theirs.

Okay, now that you are up to speed. The best way to get your puppy to use the bathroom outside is to show them repeatedly. That means you will be on your feet a lot! When your puppy is showing signs that they need to use the restroom quickly pick them up and walk them to the door then walk them to the spot you want them to go. Once they use the restroom be sure to praise them as a reward and give them a small treat.

Puppy potty training tips

Rewarding and reinforcing their confidence is very important. You will be shocked how fast they will learn after being rewarded for going to potty in the right area. With this method your puppy will be going outside to use the bathroom after only a few sessions. You should guardedly start to remove the treats as a reward but still praise them. Be sure to still reward them with a treat every few sessions just as good measure to keep it fresh in their minds that they need to use the bathroom outside to get a treat!

Remember we are dealing with puppies here, and their bladders are tiny. So tiny that once they eat or drink something it’s nearly coming out of the other end. Yea, it’s that fast. You should never wait no more than 10-15 minutes 30 MAX to take your puppy outside to use the bathroom otherwise you are going to have a mess on your hands. If your puppy ends up making a mess inside then that’s on you because you were not being vigilant enough.

You need to make it a habit of taking your puppy outside as soon as they wake up from a nap every single time. Yes, that means a whole lot of trips outside but that’s what’s required with a puppy sorry.

Always plan out your puppies’ last meal of the day a couple of hours before bed time. That way they have enough time to digest all of their food and water before sleepy time. This will give you plenty of trips outside so that you will avoid having any messy clean ups during the night or in the morning. Your puppy will also thank you because they will get a good night’s sleep. When they are getting a good night’s sleep that means you are getting a good night’s sleep!

You need to establish a word in your household that means it’s time for your puppy to use the bathroom. Everyone in the household should use the same word or phrase when speaking to your puppy when it’s time for them to use the bathroom. That way when you puppy hears this word or phrase they will know it’s time to use the bathroom regardless if they need to go or not.

If you take your puppy outside to use the bathroom and they do not go but you know it’s in the time frame that they should be going. Don’t worry stay calm, just restrict their movements to an easy to cleanup area. Keep a close eye on them and watch their body language most of the time you will be able to tell when they are ready.

If they do pull a fast one on you and potty in the house it’s okay it will happen. Do not be mad at them because like I said before they are babies and babies will make messes.

Never ever rub a puppy’s nose in their mess, this is not going to teach them anything. The only thing you are going to accomplish is making them deathly afraid of you. On a side note a dog’s nose is 10x more sensitive than a humans. Just don’t do it okay?

Your puppy will not even understand what they did wrong, all they know is they had to use the bathroom, so they let it out. We have to be the ones that are patient with them while they learn. Remember in the wild they just go wherever whenever. It takes time and they will learn but you have to be willing to put in the work, time and effort.

I just went over the basics of puppy potty training and laid a foundation for you. There are a lot more tips and tricks that will get your puppy using the bathroom outside like a champ in no time. If you need further assistance or have questions head over to The Online Dog Trainer for more fantastic advice with step by step video instructions!

How To Stop Dog Aggression

Dog aggression is a very bad thing. It can lead to dog on dog aggression in the home and also stem to dog aggression towards people. I want to start this topic off with asking you two rhetorical questions.

  1. Are you the instigator causing aggressive behavior? while your dog decides to jump in the mix?
  2. Is your dog listening to you before it acts in an aggressive manner? Or is your dog suddenly aggressive when you try to show it how to behave correctly?

Dog aggression overview

When your dog becomes aggressive they will shut you completely out. Meaning they are no longer paying any attention to you or your commands.

They are now in the mind set of making their own decisions and if you try to correct their behavior you will be meet with a stone wall. They will not budge to you pleas of trying to get them to behave.

The moment a dog becomes aggressive is the moment they shut everything off. In that moment the only thing important to your dog is the obstacle in their way. In their mind they think being aggressive is the correct action they need to take to overcome their obstacle.

Most dog aggression almost always happens because the dog feels like it must protect thier pack or their own lives from a threat.

Types of dog aggression

  1. Dog on dog aggression – This type of aggression normally happens when a dog feels threatened. Your dog is lashing out at other dogs or people because it feels vulnerable. Dogs are pack animals, and in the pack the pack leader is the protector.
  2. Fear aggressive dogs – This type of aggression normally happens when a dog is not getting adequate exercise. With the built up frustration they will often lash out at other humans or dogs.
  3. Red zone dogs – This type of aggression can stem from anywhere and have unlimited variables causing the problem.

Aggressive dog training solutions

  1. Dog on dog aggression – Dogs are pack animals, and in the wild the pack leader is the protector. Your dog needs a protector, that protector needs to be the pack leader aka you. Once you become the pack leader the dog on dog aggression will stop.
  2. Fear aggressive dogs – If your dog is fear aggressive it’s because they are not getting adequate exercise. When dogs aren’t able to burn off their access energy a lot of pent up frustration starts to build. With all this built up frustration the dogs mind is no longer in a healthy state. It’s very important to allow your dog to remove the built-up energy in their body.
  3. Red zone dogs – When you have a red zone dog its EXTREMLY important that you become the pack leader. These types of dogs are very sporadic when it comes to their aggression. Their aggression can pop up at any time for any reason. You MUST become the pack leader to solve this type of aggression.

Why is my dog aggressive towards other dogs?

It all boils down to you not being the pack leader, all dog aggression stems from the fact that they are scared, and they lash out and attack to protect themselves and their loved ones.

  • Dominate dogs become aggressive to protect their pack and territory from all threats.
  • Fearful dogs attack only when they have no place to run or hide. They are forced to stand their ground.
  • Red zone dogs don’t need any real reason. They are always on edge and constantly feel like. the world is out to get them. They are a nervous wreck on the inside.

Become the pack leader

Many factors can play into dog aggression, owners need to understand how to stop dog aggression when it first starts. The only way to accomplish this is by making sure that your dog looks to you as the pack leader inside and outside the home. I have covered how to become the pack leader in a section above this one. The easiest way to learn how to become the pack leader is by watching the videos on the online dog trainer.

Once your dog views you as their pack leader then they will refrain from their aggressive tendencies. They will actually start to look to you before even making a move. You will then be responsible for protecting them from all threats. They will be relaying on you for protection and guidance from this point on.

If you are unable to establish being the pack leader, then your dog will continue to be aggressive and ignore your presence completely.

If you want to see all of this put into action with full video details then the best place to do that is The Online Dog Trainer created from a dog training veteran, author and celebrity dog trainer Doggy Dan. He explains exactly how to stop dog aggression by simply convincing your dog that you are the pack leader. With step by step video instructions.

How To Stop Your Dog From Pulling

As dog owners we need to fully understand how to stop your dog from pulling. It’s something that every dog owner needs to master in order to be able to walk peacefully with their dogs.

When your dog decides they are going to pull and drag you all over the street they are basically saying they are in charge. They are telling you that they do not view you as the pack leader. They view themselves as the pack leader and that’s when many more dog behavioral problems start to blossom.

Dog pulling on leash is nothing new it can be corrected if you are willing to put in the time and energy. With that being said there are a lot of tools available that are able to assist you, but none of them are going to be able to solve the pulling problem if your dog thinks they are in charge. All the fancy leads, collars and other gadgets are meant to divert your dog’s energy and attention elsewhere and not in a good way.

When your dog pulls on leash they are meet with pain from many of these so called anti dog pulling devices/tools.

Dog Pulls On Leash When Walking

When you are on your walk and you find yourself having to correct your dog every 30 seconds than there is something fundamentally wrong. The crazy part about the whole thing is your dog knows exactly what they are doing.

They know how to walk on the leash they, but they are choosing not to obey you at all. Your dog is choosing to pull and do their own thing because in their mind they are the pack leader. Which means they are going to drag you wherever they want you to go. You are going to have to become the pack leader if you ever want to walk your dog on a leash in an enjoyable manner. The battle you face to become the pack leader is not a physical one its psychological.

Stage one of getting your dog to stop from pulling is to ensure them that you are the pack leader inside your home. It’s very important they your dog understands this, because if they view you as their leader inside the home they are more than likely going to view you as the leader on the outside of the home. Take it from a wolfs prospective, the home is the “Den” which means the leader protects the den and the pack. The pack aka your dog looks up to the pack leader for protection and guidance at all times. When the pack leaves the “Den” aka home the same principles apply. The pack looks to the leader for guidance and protection at all times.

Dog pulls on leash tried everything

Are you sure? Here are some key tips to try before you venture out:

  1. Wait for your dog to be completely calm before placing them on the leash. Sometimes this can take a while so schedule your walking time to allow for an extra 20-30 minutes. NEVER rush or skip this stage. It’s very important to establish to your dog that they must remain totally calm before venturing out into the world.
  2. First you will need to learn how to stop your dog from pulling inside your home or property before adventuring outside. Your dog should be much more calmer and easier to control with commands at home. If you feel you need assistance on how to start the in-home leash walking process don’t worry you can learn everything with The Online Dog Trainer.
  3. You can start your in-home leash walking training by walking through your entire home. Be sure to walk around as many obstacles as you can. Tables, desks etc.
  4. Make sure your dog is following your every foot step. If your dog tries to take the lead simply switch directions on them, this will result in making sure that your dog is always behind you. Psychology you are letting your dog know that they must remain behind you always.
  5. If your dog starts to back pedal pull, then stand firmly not allowing them to gain any ground. You should stay firmly holding the lead until they calm down and stop pulling backwards. Once they are calm and stop, call to them to follow. Once they come to you greet them and tell them good dog and proceed walking forward.
  6. Doorways are very important; your dog will notice them in a split second and will want to be the first to enter. Your job is to make sure that you control the doorways at all times. What I mean by this is you must be the first to enter every single time when your dog is on the leash. Again, you are using Psychology to train.
  7. You can start your door way training by repeatedly walking in and out of doorways in your home. Your dog will eventually start waiting at the door frame for you to tell them its okay to go through.
  8. Lastly, your body language. Make sure that your body language and vibes are calm and collected. You should be totally relaxed when training, this goes double for your tone in your voice. You should always be happy, while training. Your dog can and will pick up on all of these little nuances, and it will affect the way they act.

I hope this little bit of information was able to clear up a few things. There is a big difference between actually watching how to stop your dog from pulling on video and reading about it. As much as I like to help you all with your training over text it has its limits. If you would like further assistance with video training, you can check out The online Dog Trainer by: Doggy Dan one of the world’s leading dog trainers.

How to stop puppy from jumping

One of the most important things we can do during puppy training is train our puppies not to jump up on people. We need to focus on this skill right off the bat.

Dog jumping is very common so don’t freak out because your puppy has started, it’s totally natural. You will come to find out that dogs jump when they get excited. As puppies they just want to get your attention. Your puppy may be trying to get your attention for many reasons. In the wild puppies will jump around and lick their mothers face to tell her that they are hungry. By doing this the mother will react and feed them.

How to stop puppy from jumping then? Well the short answer is to not show them any attention when they start jumping. You should never encourage it at any stage in life no matter how cute they look doing it. Before you know it your cute little 10-pound puppy is now an 80-pound Dog jumping on people! Remember the younger they are the easier it will be to stop the bad habit.

Your puppy will grow into an adult dog that once cute innocent jumping can and will turn into a display of dominants. During this stage your dog will be demanding your attention and will not take no for an answer.

When your puppy is jumping up, simply turn and walk away do not make eye contact with them at all. You should totally ignore them, that means no speaking or touching.

Once your puppy calms down you should still ignore them for about 5 minutes. Only after the desired time frame is meet should you can call for your puppy to greet you.

Sometimes totally ignoring your puppy does not work. But don’t worry it’s a simple bump in the road. You will need to isolate your puppy. You can do this by placing them in another room, crate or by just totally leaving the room they are in.

How to stop a dog from jumping up on strangers?

Puppy jumping is bad but it’s even worse when your puppy is jumping on visitors. You will need to perform the same steps that we covered in the How to stop puppy from jumping section. You can also try placing them on a lead or holding them by the collar until their excitement subsides. If your puppy does not calm down, you will need to isolate them. Once they relax you can release them to meet your guests.

Puppy jumping up at you when you are getting ready for a walk

Going for walks is an important and fun time for your puppy. They get to explore a new world they have never seen before. So, it’s only natural for them to get super excited when you are getting ready for a walk. When the puppy jumping starts put down the leash or lead and walk away. Don’t go back to the lash until 10 minutes have passed or until your puppy has calmed down completely. It is very important that you do this, even if you are in a hurry to get walking. You should never rush it and ignore puppy jumping because of time. If timing is so tight that you need to rush the process then you will need to schedule your walks for an earlier time until your puppy learns. This is not something you can rush and expect results with.

Important concepts to remember

When your puppy jumps up its very important not to speak or have any reaction. Remember all your puppy is trying to do is get your attention. They are little attention-seeking machines!

When your puppy jumps up on you it is not its way of saying “I love you” no matter how loving they are being towards you.

Personal space is very important to dogs, heck personal space is very important to all species. So, when a dog is allowed to invade your personal space, you are basically telling them they can do whatever they want to do when they want to do it. They will then lose all respect for you and stop listing to your commands. Remember that thing about being the pack leader? Yeah kiss that goodbye.

When you are ignoring your puppy, you should keep your arms folded and walk past them confidently and assertively. Don’t leave any emotions on the table! Your puppy will be looking very closely for any sings of body language even eye contact.

Once your puppy calms down completely you can call them over and pick them up for a cuddle session.

The two most common dog training mistakes

Inconsistency – You must stay dedicated, you cannot allow your puppy to jump up on you one day then follow the puppy jumping rules another day. You will never break them of the habit and you will just be confusing them constantly.

Making eye contact – I can’t stress how important not making eye contact is. As soon as you lock eyes with your puppy you have invited them over. Trust me they will be looking you right in the eyes the whole time so don’t slip up to see if they are looking at you.

One last tip

You can train your puppy to sit for everything, what I mean by this is. If you can get your puppy to master sitting, you can utilized this in all areas of training. If your puppy wants something you make them sit. If your puppy wants to jump up on you, command them to sit. Eventually sitting will be their new jumping. Then they will start to great you in an excited sitting manner instead of an excited jump. Sitting will become their new default behavior instead of jumping when they see you or a stranger.

If you have questions or need more information on puppy jumping up training. Then head over to The Online Dog Trainer. Everything you need to know is laid out step by step, with video instructions.

My Dog Doesn’t Come When I Call

Every dog owner dreams of a dog that is totally obedient. It’s really a pain if your dog gets out and doesn’t want to come back to you. One of the most common questions I get is “how do you teach a dog to come”.

It makes me giggle a little inside just thinking about it. People often approach recall training all wrong, even though they have the best of intentions. Let me explain myself.

Recall Training

As an example, during our recall training we want to achieve the following with our dog Bella. When we call our dog “here Bella” we want Bella to come sprinting as fast as she possible can to us and set at our feet.

To achieve this goal, we must make the command “here Bella” the best command in the world for Bella. Followed up by the best result and rewards at the end.

Recall Training Tips

  1. You should never call your dog in order to yell, scream or spank them. Learning how to recall your dog is not meant to be a tool to tell them off with. If you choose to lower yourself to this type of behavior you are going to undo months even years of hard recall training your dog has undergone. All you will accomplish is making your dog run and hide from you out of fear.
  2. When your dog comes to you after being called make sure your praise them with positive vibes and attention. Make sure they are always having a good experience when they come to you. You should never show any negativity or frustration.
  3. When you recall your dog think of it as a parent checking in with their child. So basically when you call your dog they should stop what they are doing no matter how much fun they might be having and come straight to you to check in.
  4. Recall training can only be put to the test in an open outdoor environment. To make sure that your dog and everyone around your dog is safe use an extremely long line or rope that you or a partner can grab if needed while training.
  5. Pouty dogs are super cute I know, but it can be a pain if you’re trying to leave the dog park or somewhere fun and your dog doesn’t want to go. They will lay on the ground or run from you, because they know they have to leave and get in the car. If you have trouble recalling your dog during this phase, then you should have a reward waiting for them at the car. You can give them their favorite treat, food and water before getting in the car. They will soon come to understand that if they come to the car then this type of treatment will be waiting for them.

Recall dog training overview

  • Call your dog
  • Reward your dog within 2 seconds
  • Release your dog

Recall dog training doesn’t have to be a painful experience. This should be a time where you are able to bond with your dog on a higher level. You need to take the time to understand how showing affection for your dog will change them for the best. Showing your dog affection, praising them and rewarding them are the most powerful tools in your arsenal. Yet so many people get it all backwards, and try to use fear tactics to get their dogs to come to them. You can’t blame a fearful dog for not coming to you right? So that’s why I giggle a little bit inside when people ask me why “my dog doesn’t come when I call”.

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How to Stop Dog Separation Anxiety

Humans get dog separation anxiety all wrong, we try to treat it like we would human anxiety. Often times we choose to use dog separation anxiety medication which is the wrong path to take. You should never give your dog un-necessary medication.

Dog separation anxiety is very common so common that it affects 14% of the dog population! That’s a huge number of dogs that have to go through this horrible condition.

Why does my dog have separation anxiety?

Curing dog separation anxiety quickly all depends on how much effort you put into it. Meaning that you are the reason that they have anxiety! How? Well to put it simply it’s because you are not the pack leader. Yes, I know I talk about being the pack leader A LOT but you must understand this is the main reason your dog has so many issues. Stick with me and I’ll explain everything.

Dog separation anxiety symptoms

Dog anxiety can be triggered for multiple reasons. You will notice that your dog will start to pick up habits that they prior did not have. People are quick to pick up on their dogs newly formed bad habits and try to correct/break them from it before it turns into a major issue. But what they don’t realize is they are just placing a band aid on something that needs stitches. Their dog’s new bad habit is because they have separation anxiety and it’s their way to coupe with it.

Dog anxiety symptoms to look out for

  1. Chewing – Yup, chewing is caused by anxiety not just puppy teething or for the sheer enjoyment. Do you know anyone that chews gum when they are nervous? Or chews gum a lot faster and louder when they are? I bet you do, chewing actually releases an endorphin in the brain which in returns calms us down. The same goes for dogs.
  2. Barking & Whining – Your dog is not barking because they are bored or upset that they are locked up. They are barking because they are calling for you to return to them. Just like a parent would call for their children to return to them. When you do not return your parent doesn’t stop calling for you, the same goes for dogs. Your dog is calling for you to return to the pack.
  3. Escaping when you are not present – Once again your dog is on the hunt for you, they want you back in their view so that they know you are safe. People give bad advice and tell owners that they are escaping because they are restless and need more exercise. This couldn’t be further from the truth and will not solve the problem. Escaping is very dangerous for your dog and others.
  4. Digging & Destruction – Digging and tearing up things is a form of anxious behavior.
  5. Self-mutilation – Excessive licking, and chewing oneself. Many people think that medication is needed when they see this type of behavior. Especially when a dog chews on itself, resulting in missing patches of hair. But in reality, this type of behavior is triggered by separation anxiety.
  6. Excessive Drooling – Another mistaken medical condition, if your dog is drooling you should be alarmed and contact your local vet to rule out and health problems. But often times you will be told it’s due to anxiety.
  7. Toileting inside – If your dog is potty trained and they start to go inside it could be a behavioral issue. But if your dog starts to only potty inside when you are gone its more than likely that your dog has separation anxiety.

Dog separation anxiety solutions

If you are serious about putting a stop to your dog’s separation anxiety, then you need to become the pack leader there is no way around it. There are a lot of places that offer tips and tricks on how to place band aids on the issue but none of them are going to fully cure your dog’s anxiety. It’s not something that can be patched up and left unattended. Your dog is going through an emotional time which is very painful them both physically and mentally.

Remember how I said it’s your fault? It’s not like you intentionally meant for this to happen. Heck the whole reason you are is to solve the problem because you care deeply about your dog. Funny thing is your dog cares deeply about you and that’s why they are suffering. Your dog has decided that they are the pack leader and that they need to protect you at all times. Meaning they need to know where you are at all times. Which turns into what we call separation anxiety, your dog is tearing itself apart mentally because it cannot find you. All it wants is to know that you are safe and sound.

Once you return home, they are all better right? Of course, because you are no longer separated, and they know you are okay.

Once you show your dog that you are the pack leader the protector then and only then will they be at ease. You will be able to leave your home without your dog worrying about you.

If you want to learn more about dog separation anxiety training and becoming the pack leader, then there is no better place than The Online Dog Trainer run by professional dog trainer Doggy Dan. The first step to any problem is understanding the problem then executing the solution.

Fearful Dogs

A dog can become fearful for many reasons, but the main reason is the lack of having a strong leader aka pack leader. Most fearful dogs are owned by the kindest gentlest people you will ever meet. They treat their dogs wonderfully and want nothing more than to see their dogs live a fun, happy care free life. The sad part is many people never understand why their dogs are fearful and they remain that way through the course of their life.

So why are they so fearful? Well its simple the dog is a nervous wreck. Let me explain, dogs are pack animals. While In the pack there is ALWAYS a pack leader, that takes on all the responsibility of taking care of the pack and keeping them alive no matter what.

Now, think about that for a moment. It would be pretty stressful and nerve-racking to be a pack leader wouldn’t it? For most people it would, myself included. The simple fact is in the wild only the strongest most dominate become the leaders.

The reason you get fearful dogs is because their owners have given them the message that they are the pack leader. They simply can’t handle the pressure, nor should they be expected to.

Put yourself in your dog’s shoes

For example:

You are 5 years old lost in the woods with your 3-year-old little sister. Darkness is nearly about to blanket the sky. You start hearing strange noises, then you notice it getting louder. You start to notice a figure in the distance. At this point you are afraid and a nervous wreck. But if your parents were with you and your sister then you would feel at ease. You wouldn’t think much about the noises or the figure in the distance. Because you know everything will be fine because you have your parent’s protection.

This is how your dog feels, when you make them the pack leader and place all the responsibility on their shoulders. They stay terrified all the time, all they want is to feel safe and protected by you.

Take a moment and view the world through a dog’s eyes, there is just too many strange things that they encounter on a daily basis. They are always in a position where they need to make decisions and they just can’t handle it in the human world. Eventually they snap and turn into fearful dogs, they will never be able to overcome the fear unless you step up to the plate.

Fearful dog training

If you truly want to help your dog, you will need to become the pack leader. There is no other way, I would highly recommend that you watch the videos on how to become the pack leader rather than just reading about it. You can find the videos over on The Online Dog Trainer, in the meantime ill cover some tips when working with fearful dogs.

Fearful dog training tips

  1. Don’t rush your dog’s progression, their struggle is real, and it will take time.
  2. Become the pack leader at all cost, this is the #1 thing you should be aiming for.
  3. Ask your friends to ignore your dog when they first enter or meet them.
  4. Ask your friends to allow your dog to approach them first. Never approach a fearful dog.
  5. If your dog does not approach, then leave them be.

The best thing you can do for your fearful dog is get assistance via a good video based website that covers everything you need to do step by step. There is a lot of psychological issues involved with your dog and you will need all the help you can get. You really need fully understand how to approach this entire issue.

You MUST establish yourself as the pack leader, this is your foundation that everything is built from. Without it everything will fall apart. Until you have this all put into place you will never be able to help your fearful dog.

Lucky enough there is one site that I recommend all my readers to. One of the best dog trainers in the world Doggy Dan, owner of The Online Dog Trainer. He has dedicated his entire career to dog training, and only uses positive training tactics. He covers every question you can possible have with his training, and the best part is its all video based so you will be able to walk through the entire process with him! You owe it to your fearful dog to give them the peace of mind they so desire

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