The Best Dog Anxiety Medications of ALL Time


My Husky was ONLY 7 months old when he had his first fit and let me tell you, it scared the heck out of me.

I came home after a workday and found him and his cage a complete wreck. He had somehow pulled up the plastic liner tray and chewed half of it into pieces.

He was jumping around crying and barking to get to me, and he didn’t care one bit about what he had done. Once he got out of the cage, he took off running extremely excited, like I had been gone for a lifetime.

I rang his vet and explained to them what I had found and what had corresponded leading up to the moment I saw him.

I explained that he was never destructive around the house and didn’t understand why he would totally demolish his cage that he had been staying in for the last couple of months.

The vet asked me how long I was gone, and I told him I was away for around 10 hours just long enough to complete my work shift.  He stopped me right there and said to me that Cruz was suffering from Separation Anxiety.

He said separation anxiety in dogs could lead to all sorts of destructive behavior, even self-mutilation! That, in stressful situations, dogs are prescribed dog anxiety medication to help them cope only as a last resort.

That the best way to deal with anxiety, especially at such a young age, is to put them in obedience training as FAST as possible.

For severe cases, medication will need to be administrated on top of daily exercise and training.


How Do You Know If Your Dog Has Separation Anxiety?

There are some telltale signs that you will need to keep an eye out for. One of the main indications is that the dog always wants to be near you.

You may notice if you get out of their sight, they will start to whine or bark. This might seem cute at first, but it’s a very-very bad habit to entertain.

Excessive barking and whining seem to have a soothing effect over dogs; it’s almost like a built-in defensive mechanism.

One that allows them to cope under extreme stress.


Dog Separation Anxiety Symptoms

  1. Excessive Barking
  2. Drooling
  3. Excessive Pacing
  4. Excessive Whining
  5. Dilated Eyes
  6. Sweaty Paws
  7. Digging
  8. Excessive Chewing
  9. Escaping
  10. Panting


Dogs that are really determined may even break out of the area they are being confined to by chewing, digging, jumping, etc. and do anything in their power to escape.

In my case, this is exactly what Cruz was doing. He didn’t care one bit if he was harming himself or the house.

He even chipped his tooth on the dog cage by biting it, and he literally bent pieces of the wire that held it together. It was so bad I had to put him on medication while putting him through another round of obedience training.


Just because your dog barks, whines, and becomes destructive doesn’t mean they have dog separation anxiety. You should always consult your vet before placing them on any medication or diagnosing them for that matter.


What Can You Do About it?

Rather than coming home to a destroyed house and a potentially self-mutilated dog, you can simply put them in a credible obedience training program.

On top of that, you can place them on Dog Separation Anxiety Medication to help them cope along the way.

I have compiled a list of The Best Dog Separation Anxiety Medications that I used while training Cruz and still use it to this day, especially if we go out of town or unfamiliar places.

Being prepared for fits of anxiety will keep you ahead of the game and stop you from progressing backward.

My choices are based on a verity of factors, including personal use, customer reviews, and ratings on Chewy.Com

If you have a dog with extreme anxiety, I would highly suggest placing them in obedience training and utilizing the dog anxiety medication. You can wean them off the medication slowly and only use it when necessary.   

Destructive behavior is one of the many major reasons why people get rid of their dogs! I, for one, do not want that to happen.

It’s only natural for our dogs to get attached to us. Sometimes they get so attached, they don’t know what to do when you are no longer around.

Their only option is to try and break out and come find you, which leads to destruction or worse, self-mutilation.

As a dog owner, it’s up to you to teach them how to be a well-behaved pooch, even when you are not around. Sometimes, they need a little extra help in the form of medication.


Top Rated Dog Anxiety Medications


1. Zesty Paws Calming Bites For Dogs

Zesty Paws Calming Bites For Dogs

My top pick and favorite anxiety medication to use is Zesty Paws Calming Bites For Dogs.

Zesty Paws made the top spot for two enormous good reasons!

Because it is made with 100% natural ingredients and is the best seller of all dog anxiety medication on chewy.

I personally do not like to take medication, nor would I ever want to place my pet on medication unless I absolutely needed to.

For Cruz, I needed too, but I didn’t want to put him on anything harsh. I wanted to find a natural way if at all possible.

That’s when I found Calming Bites For Dogs by Zesty Paws; they truly were a lifesaver.

I was able to soothe Cruz’s anxiety with an all-natural medication while not having to worry about putting him on over-the-counter drugs.


Zesty Paws Calming Bites For Dogs Benefits

  • Made in the USA in a cGMP facility
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No artificial flavorings, preservatives, soy, corn or wheat
  • Contains organic Hemp Seed Oil and Chamomile, to alleviate restlessness and anxiety
  • Valerian Root, to ease tense and hypersensitive behaviors
  • Vitamin B1 help with temperament
  • L-Theanine “type of amino acid” to stimulate the brain
  • A natural blend of plants and nutrients without any added chemicals
  • Zero drowsy side effects

Cruz had no problem eating them without being masked into other foods. They are peanut butter flavor and smell pretty good if I do say so myself.

I keep these on hand at all times. Cruz has come leaps and bounds and rarely has any fits while at home. We manly give him them when we are going out of town on vacation or extended car rides.

About Zesty Paws

In 2014 Zesty Paws was established by a team of pet owners that wanted nothing more than safe, affordable pet products.

Their goal was to create the best health supplements on the market to ensure your four-legged buddies live a happy, healthy life.

Zesty Paws remains committed to their goal and always brings innovative breakthroughs to the market at affordable prices.

Never settle for ineffective or overpriced pet products ever again with Zesty Paws.

The rest of the list will solely go off of reviews and comments from


2. Vetoquinol Zylkene Behavior Support Capsules

Vetoquinol Zylkene Behavior Support Capsules

Vetoquinol Zylkene Behavior Support Capsules Benefits

  • Formulated with alpha-casozepine “a natural ingredient from cow’s milk,” alpha-casozepine has calming properties that help relax dogs and cats.
  • The only veterinary supplement formulated with alpha-casozepine
  • Lactose-FREE
  • Non-drowsy, tranquilizing or sedating
  • Can be given pill form or broken open sprinkled over food


What A Real Vetoquinol Zylkene Support Capsules Customer Had To Say

By Chris on Apr 28, 2019

We purchased this product for our deaf cat. She was a rescue kitty that screams during the night. We believe she screams because she has a lot of anxiety.

While she is not perfect, she is doing a lot better. We even had her on kitty Prozac for a time which only made things worse since we had to chase her down to give it to her. This product mixes into the food well.

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About Vetoquinol

In 1933, pharmacist Joseph Frechin used his pharmaceutical expertise to help animals. He utilized Oxyquinoline’s antiseptic properties to treat animals, which eventually turned into Vetoquinol.

Vetoquinol rapidly gained popularity among pet owners and veterinarians around France. The success of Vetoquinol inspired Joseph to expand his company and develop a range of over 250 veterinary approved products by 1970


Where Is Vetoquinol Made

In 1994 Vetoquinol made its USA debut in Delaware and established its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas in 2009.


3. VetriScience Laboratories Composure

VetriScience Laboratories Composure

VetriScience Laboratories Composure Benefits

  • Veterinarian approved
  • Contains C3 Colostrum, B-Vitamins, L-theanine and thiamine to promote a balanced behavior
  • Clinically shown to work within 30 minutes of use and up to 4 hours
  • It can be given up to two times per day or on an as-need basis.
  • In cases of extreme anxiety, you can double or triple the amount given
  • Approved by (NASC) National Animal Supplement Council


What A Real VetriScience Laboratories Composure Customers Had To Say

By barbieInConn on Jun 12, 2019

My Labrador has severe anxiety and separation distress. He also struggles at doggy daycare. This product by a friend and I was leery but purchased anyway.

The package states 1-2 chews a day but the company advises you can give freely (I called) my Mr. Labbie as a different boy!

During our Texas tornado, he slept and barley budge and has played nice…and slept! At daycare.

I’m buying a few more bags today. I highly suggest.

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About VetriScience

Family-owned since 1972, VetriScience strives to provide veterinarians with great products backed by science to complement traditional therapies.

Only the purest and best ingredients are used in their products that are safe, effective, and recommended by vets for vets!

VetriScience has over 40 years of experience and continuously sets new standards of quality, safety, and innovation for companion animals.

They were the first EVER company to utilize glucosamine and green-lipped mussel in hip and joint supplements for animals.


4. NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid Dog Soft Chews

NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid Dog Soft Chews

NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid Dog Soft Chews Benefits

  • Can use on dogs as young as 12 weeks old
  • Ginger relieves stomach sickness during anxiety fits
  • Melatonin for relaxation
  • L-Tryptophan and Thiamine for stress reduction and tension


What A Real NaturVet Quiet  Moments Calming Aid Dog Soft Chews Customers Had To Say

By Molly on Aug 4, 2019

Our Beagle/Basset Hound mix Molly has horrible reactions to storms when we have them.

She also has major food allergies. It took us forever to find the right calming treat that fit her diet and actually calmed her throughout the night during our sleeping hours.

She weighs in at 57 pounds and would stand over top us while we slept during nighttime storms and would wake us up with excessive drooling and panting.

If we have storms now during sleeping hours we can all sleep peacefully through the night.

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About NaturVet

Founded in 1994, NaturVet has been committed to supplying the world with healthy pet supplements for dogs, cats, and horses.

An NASC audited member with an NASC seal of approval on all their labels to showcase their commitment to making health supplements for pets.

They are also an FDA registered facility, which means they are held to the highest standards possible in the united states.

On top of that, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all pet supplements.

If that wasn’t good enough, they also have their very own foundation called NaturVet Foundation where a portion of each sale of NaturVet products goes directly to the foundation.


NaturVet Foundation Money Usage!

  • Support & raise funds for NO-Kill Rescue Groups & Humane Society branches
  • To build more local humane society facilities
  • Teach children and the general public the value of caring for animals and spaying and neutering them.


5. Rescue Remedy Stress Relief Pet Supplement

Rescue Remedy Stress Relief Pet Supplement

Rescue Remedy Stress Relief Pet Supplement Benefits

  • Made from 5 flower extracts which include Clematis, Impatiens, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem
  • 100% natural
  • Recommend by veterinarians
  • Alcohol-free, Homeopathic, non-habit-forming solution


What A Real Rescue Remedy Stress Relief Pet Supplement Customers Had To Say

By purplekorea on Jul 16, 2019

You rarely know what happened to a dog before you get them if they are a rescue.

Our dog was around three when we got her and NOTHING would help her noise anxiety.

The vet suggest Xanax for her but I wasn’t comfortable with that.

She is on high alert when it rains, does not even want to e held, tremors, pees everywhere, and pants so bad that she drools puddles everywhere and she runs.

We used this product for her during the recent hurricane Barry and it was wonderful! She was still on high alert but the extreme tremors and panting did not happen!

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About Rescue Remedy

Created by an English homeopath in the 1930s by the name of Dr. Edward Bach.

Bach discovered 38 healing flowers which later became known as the 38 Bach Flower Remedies.

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