Brain Training For Dogs Review: Everything You Need To Know!

Hi there! My name is Amber and I’ll be reviewing Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training For Dogs. I’m a stay at home mother of 2 

beautiful children that adores dogs. If I could I would have a farm full of dogs, lol yes I’m that woman that tries to bring home 

every stray or homeless dog… I can’t tell you how many times I have come home to find my dog Bella chewing away on anything related to wood! She was like a beaver that was on a mission to build a dam!

Her biggest achievement was totally destroying my kitchen table! She literally chewed it so bad that I had to throw it away. Some parts of the chair legs were totally chewed apart! For some reason she loved to chew on wood. As far as I know I was Bella’s second owner, I rescued her from a local shelter. The shelter didn’t know much about her or her past. They did not mention any chewing issues.

It’s quite possible that Bella’s chewing addition is what landed her in the shelter. That’s quite okay with me because now I have her. Maybe it was fate, who knows. All I know is that she is a part of my family now and family don’t turn their backs on each other. Bella had a wood addition and I was on a mission help her kick it!

My Review: Here’s My Thoughts And Opinions On Brain Training For Dogs

Brain Training For Dogs Review

I had to find a solution for Bella and a quick one, I came across a dog training program by Adrienne Faricelli when I was browsing the web for excessive dog chewing solutions. I instantly fell in love with the program because it utilized positive reinforcement. I bought the program and the rest is history.

I firmly believe that you shouldn’t train your dog in a fearful manner. I mean what is the point of having a dog if they hate you? The whole point of owning a dog is to have a loving companion to do super cool stuff with right? At least that is my point of view.

Why I Chose This Product Over The Others

Honestly, I chose this product over the rest because of the morels Adrienne Farriecelli teaches in her training. Like I said I’m a mother of 2 children and one dog that I call my fur baby. I would have more fur babies running around but my husband would probably kill me.

Adrienne’s training style is all about training your dog in a calm, positive, respectful manner. Instead of breaking them down and building them up she teaches you how to reinforce them to lift them up. She teaches you how to show unconditional love to your dog which will result in a well training dog that listens and follows your lead and commands with ease.

Who Is the Program For?

Brain Training For Dogs is for anyone looking to train their dogs in a positive setting that may have some of the following issues…

Your dog does not listen, barks uncontrollably and will not respond to commands to cease, pulls on the leash, is aggressive, chews on objects that are not given as toys or rewards, digs too much, and jumps up on people.

Also if you are contemplating on giving your dog up to a shelter or re-homing, worried about children, or others well-being. Or if you are worried that you will never be able to control your dog.

You shouldn’t worry yourself to death about all of these issues because there is a solution. You just have to put in a little time and effort to overcome the problems.

As a dog owner it’s extremely important to believe in your dog and to believe in yourself there is always a solution to a problem. If you are feeling helpless or frustrated then this is the program for you. If any of these issues on this list are familiar to you then help is only a click away!

Does Your Dog Have Bad Habits

  • Your dog doesn’t listen to you
  • You need to train a new Puppy
  • Your dog barks uncontrollably
  • Your Dog is pulling on the leash
  • Your Dog is aggressive
  • Your Dog is chewing things he shouldn’t
  • Your Dog is digging all the time
  • Your Dog is Jumping up
  • You’re frustrated with your dog
  • You may even regret getting your Dog
  • You’re worried you might have to give up your Dog because of behavior problems you can’t handle
  • You feel helpless to control your dog
  • You tell your Dog ‘no’ with no success
  • Your Dog gets over excited and is hard to settle down
  • Your Dog is whining constantly
  • Your dog has a fear of certain sounds or stimuli
  • You want a dog who obeys you
  • You want a better bond with your dog
  • You want less stress

How Long Did It Take To Solve Bella’s Chewing Addiction?

Bella loves attention so since this program really focuses on positive interaction with your dog she caught on really fast. She loved every second of her training, Bella was able to kick her bad wood chewing addition in about 3 – 4 weeks.

All dogs are created different, with that being said results may vary a bit. I told my friend about the program because she was having a really hard time getting her dog to stop digging up her flowers. She took my advice and bought the program and ended up solving her dogs digging issue in about 5 weeks.

Her dog is mainly an outside dog that has free range of the house when he decides wants inside. He has a huge back yard to play in with his brother along with dog house fit for a king. He enjoys being outside just as much as he does being inside. So in her case it was a little difficult to keep an eye on him at all times to correct his misbehavior.

She recently got a new puppy and has started his training from ground zero using the program. She said he’s doing great and is already house trained at 4 months old. She loves the program just as much as I do. Right now I’m really trying to talk my husband in getting a puppy sister for Bella. I think I have him on the ropes after proving that we can solve any dog issue with this program. Give me a few more weeks and I think I can convince him that it won’t be any trouble having one more dog around ha-ha.

How Long Are Training Sessions?

Yet another reason why I love this program, there are no super long training sessions required. Training times are typically controlled by you and your dog’s mood. So basically you are free to put in long sessions or short ones. Keep in mind that if you don’t put in the time to train your dog then your results are going to suffer greatly.

How Long Should You Train Your Dog

When I was training Bella we liked to do 30 minute sessions. Because it gave us enough time to fully cover everything we needed to cover without burning us both out. Dogs are just like children they will only be able to focus on something for so long before they come completely bored with it

Fun Fact! Studies have been conducted to prove that a dog’s mental capacity is on the same level as a 2-3 year old child. Although there is one area where they excel: It is their ability to pick up on when they are being misled or tricked. It’s pretty impressive if you take a moment and think about it.

Will I Need Special Equipment?

I wouldn’t say you need any special equipment but you will need a few things. The program is called Braining Training for a reason. There are seven total modules that utilize games to train your Dogs Brain aka creating a super obedient dog.

Everything that the program games required could be found around the house or purchased on the cheap. For example there is a muffin game that requires a muffin pan and some balls and treats. It’s designed to mentally stimulate your dog and to keep them out of trouble.

Bella really loved this game, after only a few sessions I was amazed at how fast she was catching on. The end result was very satisfactory because it literally took her attention away from chewing! WHO knew! Something so simple could cause such a big ripple affect like that. I was pretty blown away. Keep in mind that’s only one game of MANY!

Bella really loved these training sessions, because she got to experience so many different things that she had never seen before. The games themselves are an extremely good way to bond with your dog, because you are spending so much quality time with them while you are teaching them something at the same time. They aren’t even realizing they are going through training, they simply think you are playing with them.

Which takes me back to what I said before, a dog is like a child. Which means they learn just like a child learns. These games literally teach your dog on some many different levels while they play it’s insane. This program is broken up in into 7 modules, each module is named after a period of schooling. For example they will be going through Preschool – University then graduation and if you are feeling brave the final module is Einstein!

Who Created Brain Training For Dogs & Why Trust Them?

I figured I’d include this into the Brain Training For Dogs Review because there are so many scammers out there. Plus I asked myself the same thing. “Who is this person and why should I trust them!” It wasn’t hard at all to find out who Adrienne was because she is so well known in the dog community and has such a good reputation.

I’ll give you the quick rundown about Adrienne Farricelli she is a professional CPDT-KA certified dog trainer which is short for Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, she has been in the dog training community for 10+ years!

Adrienne Farricelli has received the following rewards!

  • The title of professional dog trainer by APICC
  • The Italian Association of Dog Training Instructors and Canine Consultants
  • Canine Theriogenology for Dog Enthusiasts
  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed CCPDT
  • Dog Trainer Instructor and Canine Consultant APICC

As you can tell she has put in the work, and knows exactly what she’s talking about. She prides herself on being a force-free trainer and is a proud member of the Pet Professional Guild. She is also an advocate for gentle, positive reinforcement methods for training and behavior modification.

On top of all of that she has taken it a step further and has actually worked as an assistant in a veterinary hospital along with owning a consulting business. To be perfectly honest I was sold when I read she was a force-free certified trainer and being a part of a Pet Professional Guild. I’m sort of a geek, and anyone that is a part of a guild in real life has to be pretty awesome!

What’s Included With Brain Training For Dogs? 

Finally we are to the good stuff and probably the reason why you are here in the first place! The main program is broken up into 7 modules. You are basically putting your dog though school from start to finish or should I say preschool through college, graduation and beyond. Bella loved every moment of her training and it made me so happy once she graduated aka completed the program.

Module 1 Preschool

This is called the foundation of the course. Where you will be learning your dog how to basically pay attention to you at all times. The whole point of this module is to make your furry legged doggo focus on you at all times without being distracted. You will discover the following games in this module.

Brain Training For Dogs Module 1

  • The “Target Train Game” This game was designed to keep your dog’s attention on you at all times. Bella loved this one because she always wants my attention. But I was never able to fully give her the attention she needed. Or in other words I didn’t know how to give her the attention she needed. Fun fact about this type of training is that you will eventually teach your dog how to ring door bells, open doors and even turn off lights. I taught Bella how to turn off lights, because I thought it was super awesome, plus sometimes I’m too lazy to get up if I forget one on ha-ha.
  • The “Magic Little Way Game” This game was designed to teach your dog to look into your eyes so that you can keep your communication and bond strong as possible at all times.
  • The “Airplane Game” is a simple game that utilizes an airplane. The goal is to keep your dog’s eye contact connected to yours at all times. Your presence serves at the dogs reward for completing the task at hand. Bella loved this one too, the airplane fascinated her but she quickly learned to ignore it and focus on me. I was actually surprised how well it worked, there is a lot more to this game. It’s not just about waving an airplane around.

Module 1 Preschool Conclusion

Bella learned so much in a very short amount of time. I would go as far as saying she became a slightly different dog. Not in a bad way or a way that she lost any of her original qualities. She grew up and matured a bit right in front of my eyes. When you have a puppy go from not really listing or paying attention to doing the opposite it’s quite a change. By the end of module 1 she was able to stay focus and keep her attention on me.

Module 2 Elementary School

Once your dog graduates from preschool they will be headed to elementary school! Where they will be learning to improve their skills. They will be using their senses to complete commands you give them. One of the best memories I have of elementary school are all the games we played to learn things. At the time it was just a game, but looking back it was a trick! The games weren’t meant for us to just have fun. They were specifically designed to learn us in a passive manner, just like this module. You will use games that solve various dog issues. . .

Brain Training For Dogs Module 2

  • The “Treasure Hunt Game” has to been my favorite out of all the games in the whole course. I loved every minute of this game and play it with Bella daily. It was designed to relive boredom, which solves the problems that arise when dogs become bored like chewing and digging. Once we started playing this game Bella’s chewing habit calmed down a lot. Plus it’s just fun to hide stuff from your dog and watch them search for it frantically ha-ha.
  • The “Muffin Game” another game that’s designed to keep your dog stimulated and out of trouble. We really enjoyed this one too, it’s like treasure hunting but in a more concentrated fashion.
  • The “Ball Pit Game” This game was a blast and very enjoyable to play. It was designed to drain your dog’s energy so that they will be easier to work with. Once Bella was done with this game she was so much calmer simply because the game it takes a lot out of them. As a bonus feature its great exercise and fun. If your dog loves balls you are in for a treat!

Module 2 Elementary School Conclusion

I really loved this module, maybe because I have children that also enjoy these type of games or maybe because of the nostalgia from when I was in elementary school. This module was so much fun, Bella is way calmer now and doesn’t get into as much trouble as she did before. Especially chewing on things. Which I firmly think she was doing because she was bored. This module put a huge dent into her chewing habits. Also if you have young children, they can help you with this training and even join in! It was a great time bonding with Bella and the children while teaching them all at the same time. A win-win in my book.

Module 3 High School

This module was built to learn your dog about patience and impulse control. Just like high school you are exposed to many situations that will get you all worked up. Your hormones are raging and you are on a roller-coaster of emotions. But you have to learn how to deal with all of it. You will learn the following inside the program…

Brain Training For Dogs Module 3

  • The “Jazz Up And Settle Down Game” For example you are playing out back with your dog they are in full play mode full of energy. You get a phone call from your mother that she’s going to drop by because she’s in the area. But your dog has only been outside for a few minutes with tons of pint up energy. You want your dog on their best behavior when your company arrives. You will learn how to settle your dog down quickly after being hyped up. This was beyond helpful with Bella because we get a lot of visitors.
  • The “Bottle Game” a game designed to mentally stimulate and provide exercise so that your dog.
  • The “Bobbing For Treats Game” this game was designed to stimulate and reward your dog for being well behaved. This was a very fun and practical game. Because not only did this game help with patience and impulse control it allowed me to introduce Bella to water in a different setting other than a bath. Bella wasn’t one that enjoyed baths because they scared her. This game cured that fear for her, because it utilized treats + water. Needless to say Bella’s love for treats out weighted her fear of water ha.

Module 3 High School Conclusion

This was a fantastic module especially because it focused heavily on patience and impulse control. The things it solved for Bella were chewing, jumping and begging. All of these things were nonexistent at the end of the module. A great bonus was getting rid of Bella’s fear of water, she can now enjoy her baths and has started swimming in the creek!

Module 4 College

This part of the program is all about developing your dog’s motor skills and their ability to concentrate on your commands. This module was really great for Bella, because it covers one of my greatest fears of owning a dog.

Brain Training For Dogs Module 4

  • The “Shell Game” this game was created to put your dog’s mental agility to the test. Bella really had fun with this one. I would highly recommend to focus on this one if you are going to be training your dog for any type of sport activity.
  • The “Open Sesame Game” this game was created to develop your dog’s patience and calmness despite an open door. Which is one of my greatest fears, I can’t stand to think about having my dog run out the front door to never be seen again. Or finding them injured or dead, it makes me tear up to even think about. I was so happy when I saw this game! I was like yes! This is so great. I trained with Bella extra-long to master this skill and now I feel confident that she will never run out any doors.
  • The “Magic Carpet Game” this game was created to further your dog’s patience and dexterity even further.

Module 4 College Conclusion

This module was extremely useful especially because it focuses heavily on your dog’s patience. I was very happy once we completed this module because I no longer have to worry about Bella running out of the door to never be seen again. If you have a dog that is a runner or you think they might be I would highly recommend utilizing module number 4. It will give you peace of mind.

Module 5 University

This module is all about developing your dog’s intelligence and patience. A large portion of this module is about impulse control. So that you can have an even better well behaved dog. Sadly Bella suffered from separation anxiety pretty bad, some days were a lot worse than others. Since I have young children we have a lot of doctors’ appointments and other things going on. Which means Bella has to be crated for hours some days. Luckily this module has just the thing to solve dog separation anxiety!

Brain Training For Dogs Module 5

  • The “Hide And Seek” game helps you create a strong bond between you and your dog. Which will solve the problem of separation anxiety! The whole family had fun with this one, especially me and the kids. Since we are the ones around Bella the most. Bella hates to be left alone as soon as she goes into the crate she starts to cry. You can hear her big time when you leave the house barking and crying it always broke my heart. After mastering this game she is now separation anxiety free. The point of the game is to teach them that you are always around even when they cannot see you. Of Couse there is a little more science to it but that is all gist.
  • The “Look At That” game will put a stop to your dogs barking at other dogs and or people from a window setting. Bella had a bad habit of barking at the neighbor’s dog every time she saw him. It didn’t matter what he was doing. He could be laying down in the yard or on the porch, if she say him she would go nuts. This game was great and solved the issue in no time.
  • The “Hot And Cold” game is designed to boost your dog’s ability to learn and to build their confidence.

Module 5 University Conclusion

I really liked this module because I was able to solve Bella’s separation anxiety. It broke my heart having to leave her for so many hours. Only to come home to her basically screaming bloody murder. Some days were a lot worse than others on her. There were times were I would come home and she would be all wet. It wasn’t pee, it was drool. Yes, drool! she was literally working herself up so bad that she was drooling from the mouth. She would produce so much drool it was like she had peed in the crate. The cleanup was so disgusting I would nearly vomit, the vet told me that she would eventually grow out of it. But if she didn’t they would look at placing her on medication. I’m not a fan of medication unless it’s absolutely necessary. I was so happy to see that module 5 covered how to cure her separation anxiety for good.

Module 6 Graduation

This module covers advanced level motor skills and intelligence to insure that your dogs will obey your commands. This module is just what the name. You will be utilizing everything that you learned in the prior modules to complete this module aka you will need to use everything you learned to graduate… You will be playing games that really target and challenge your dog’s intelligence and skills this go around.

Brain Training For Dogs Module 6

  • The “Advanced Leg Weaving Game” this game was created to challenge your dog on all levels.
  • The “Serpentine And Spirals Game” this game was created to help your dog stick by your side and follow your movements no matter how erratic they may become. Think of police dogs, how they follow their commanders every movement sticking by his side every inch he walks. This is the module that will get you to that point. Bella is not a master at this one yet, we are still working on it. She is doing great and always improving, the best part is that she enjoys the training.
  • The “Name Recognition Game” this game was created to teach your dog how to recognize and fetch their toys by name! I really like working with Bella on this, currently she is able to identify 5 items and recall them to me on command. So far she has master knowing the difference between a Kong, bone, ball, rope and frisbee.

Module 6 Conclusion

This module was very helpful in Bella’s over all development, it was great to put all of her skills to the test that she had learned. The name recognition game was my overall favorite of the module, I really like being able to learn Bella the defense between certain items. I’m really curious how far I can take this skill. Who knows I could probably teach her how to open the refrigerator and to bring me a drink ha-ha. But then again would be bad since she would probably help herself to a few free snacks!

Module 7 Einstein

This is the final module and just like the name implies it was created to take your dog’s training to the next level. Bella is not on this level yet but one day I know she will be able to make it here.

Brain Training For Dogs Module 7

  • The “Tidy Up Game” this game was created so that your dog can tidy up after their themselves! We all know how messy dogs can get with all their toys. One minute Bella will be playing with one toy the next she will have like 8 scattered across the living room floor. She has a basket full that she digs though. Just think how nice it would be to tell your dog to clean up, and they actually do it? I think it would be great. This will be the first game we try to master after Graduation.
  • The “Ring Stackers Game” This game was created to develop skills and patience’s even further.
  • The “Play The Piano Game” This game was created to be a show boat. I think it would be a great skill to learn your dog. Unfortunately don’t think Bella will ever master this one. Since we don’t have a piano nor do I see the point in it. But other people might!

Module 7 Conclusion

The main thing I want to learn from this module is the tidy up command. This would be an extremely useful skill for a dog to have. Other than thank the other two games are more for show, but great to learn. Since they will be utilizing everything your dog has learned through the entire program.

But wait there is more!

You Also Get 7 Trick Training Videos:

I had so much fun teaching Bella these tricks! Since she is such a mooch for attention and treats! The only one I decided not to learn her was how to “Howl” I felt like I shouldn’t open that can of worms. If I taught her that I would probably end up coming home with notes on my door from all my neighbors’ ha-ha. The hardest trick for Bella to learn was “Covering her eyes” that took her forever but we eventually got it. Playing dead was a close second. My favorite out of all of them has to be “Taking a bow and covering eyes”

Brain Training For Dogs Trick Training Videos

  • Take a Bow
  • Cover his Eyes (‘Shame on You’)
  • Dance
  • Shake hands
  • Howl
  • Play dead
  • Roll over

Obedience 101 Training

I would say this is one of the most important pieces inside the training program. Because it covers everything you could possibly ever think of.

Brain Training For Dogs Obedience 101 Training

Learning the commands listed below have come in handy so many times. Especially The “leave it” command which is extremely strong along with “drop it” and “come” command. If you get the program these are the first three I would highly recommend learning first.

  • Insider secrets of using a ‘food lure’ to train your dog to complete your commands.
  • The critical element needed to get your dog to sit/lie down/take or leave items.
  • Key strategies for getting your dog to stay/heel/come to you and listen to your every command. You will also learn how to teach your dog to ‘drop it,’ which can literally save your dog’s life if he ever picks up something dangerous!
  • You will discover the exact methods I have used to successfully teach obedience commands to hundreds of dogs, and learn the secrets that will make your dog eager to listen to your every word!

Polishing Up Your Training:

This training was extremely useful as well, since it focuses up on phasing out enablers or tools. Like food, treats, toys. Whatever you use to get your dog to pay attention to complete a task. This training is very important to learn. Because you will not always be in the comfort of your home when you need to give a command. What if you are out with no treats or toys to give your dog to make them listen to your commands? I would highly recommend that you focus on this part of the training so that you will never have to deal with those situations.

Brain Training For Dogs Polishing Up Training

  • How to fade food lures so your dog listens to you even when there’s no food in sight
  • The demystifying truth behind hand signals
  • A very simple tactic to increase obedience with verbal cues
  • How to boost obedience levels by fading continuous rewards

Adrienne’s Archive

I would have named this training the bread and butter ha-ha. It literally has everything you could think of. You have access to over 100 in depth articles about every dog behavior problem you could ever think of. This is extremely important. On top of that you are given the tools on how to fix those issues. I haven’t completely read all the articles not even close. I have basically just covered the ones that apply to Bella. I have been able to fix each and every one of her issues with the help of these articles.

Brain Training For Dogs Review

  • Over 100 in-depth articles covering just about every behavior problem you can think of.
  • An entire section dedicated to puppy training where I reveal the secrets of successful potty training, crate training, socialization and bite inhibition.
  • NO cookie-cutter solutions. Most behavior problems have many different possible causes, and each different cause needs a different solution. That’s why my techniques tackle the root cause of the problem to stop bad behaviors FAST.
  • All force-free, gentle techniques, created by a professional CCPDT certified trainer.

And there’s more…

You also get:

  • Cutting-edge dog training science and techniques.
  • Gentle force-free techniques ONLY.
  • Clear instructions with pictures.
  • Troubleshooting segments in the Brain Training course for difficult dogs.
  • Video demonstrations of the brain training games.
  • A HUGE archive covering almost every dog behavior problem you could think of.
  • Tailor-made solutions for behavior problems which tackle the root cause.
  • Exclusive information from a certified professional trainer with years of experience.
  • Ability to submit questions directly to me for answering through my support system.
  • A private forum where members can discuss dogs and dog training, or just chat and connect with like-minded people.
  • An online member’s area which means you can easily access all of the information on the go.

Last But Not Least

There is a bonus book that you will get if you purchase the course but it’s only for a limited time. Unfortunately I have no idea how long this offer is valid for. But for now it’s still available. The bonuses book laser focuses on the most common (most frustrating) dog behaviors problems and gives you as step by step guide to solve them for good.

Brain Training For Dogs Review

Brain Training For Dogs Pros & Cons 

I would like to point out that this program has so many pros to list so ill only be giving a few. On the contrary there isn’t really anything negative about the program. Without further ado here is my list!


  • Affordable
  • Step by step instructions
  • Professional grade
  • Humane training (positive reinforcement)
  • Accessible from anywhere (digital downloads)


  • Could be overwhelming (Because of all the training you get)
  • Some training isn’t necessary (more of a shoe boat trick)

Brain Training For Dogs: What A Bargain, Here’s How I got Mine Cheap!

The total cost I paid for the program was only $47 dollars. Yeah that’s it, I was blown away honestly. This program could easily be sold for hundreds of dollars if not thousands based of the amount of material alone.

The reason I was able to get the program so cheap was because of a special launch price. Which includes all of the bonus material and videos. I found this special offer at the bottom of one of the sales pages that a lot of people pass up or don’t know is there.

Brain Training For Dogs Review

Adrienne straight up tells you that if you hired a personal trainer with the same level of experience that is in this program that it would run you about $350 dollars an hour. A full days of consulting could set you back over $3,300 dollars which clients happily pay for.

I don’t know about you but I will happily cough up $47 dollars that will eliminate any bad behavior my dog may have. I couldn’t be any happier with my purchase. I think it’s safe to say that Bella is happy with it as well.

Would I Recommend Brain Training For Dogs?

Absolutely, this is by far one of the best dog training programs I have ever come across. It’s so well put together that anyone could use the program and get all the same results. Adrienne Farricelli’s program allowed me to fully train Bella to be the best dog she can be. She gave me the knowledge to take away the harmful habits Bella had that could have one day killed her. For that very reason I can’t be any more grateful for this program. With that being said I would recommend this program to anyone seeking dog training or interested in dog training.

There is no better feeling than knowing you have an obedient happy healthy dog that enjoys being around you. Just let that image sink in for a moment. That could be you and your dog’s life and it’s only a click away!


Accessing Brain Training For Dogs right now is a 100% risk-free decision. You cannot lose here. You are going to get access to the exact blueprint I used to correct all of Bella’s behavior problems. You just need to follow what Adrienne tells you to do in the program to get the same results. It really is as simple as that to start creating a new life with your dog today. 

I couldn’t be anymore happy with my purchase!

Well, thanks for reading this Brain Training For dogs Review. I hope it answered any questions you may have but if you do have any questions please do feel free to leave me a comment below…

Brain Training For Dogs Review

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