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My dog HATES the 4th of July, not because he’s unpatriotic, actually I don’t really know if he is or not. That doesn’t matter right now though!

Back to the point, my dog HATES the 4th because of all the LOUD BOOM BOOMs!!

He stays tucked away underneath my desk or plastered right next to me like we were born conjoined twins.

I feel horrible for him this time of year because there really isn’t anything I can do to help him understand that nothing is going to happen to him. That all the loud noises are just fireworks.

My other dog doesn’t give one flying F… you know what I’m saying! He just doesn’t care about loud noises whatsoever.

I’m not the type to immediately put my dogs on medication the moment they have a problem. Hell, I try to stay as far away from medicines unless I genuinely need to take them.

I wanted to find a natural way to help Ace, that’s when Thundershirt rolled into our lives. This bad boy actually worked, even though it looks somewhat silly on Ace.


The Idea Behind Thundershirt

Well, it’s pretty straightforward. The vest was designed to abolish your dogs’ anxiety and calm them down. It accomplishes this by gently applying pressure around your dog’s body, “mainly torso.”

The Thundershirt is basically mimicking a hug, just like when an owner hugs or holds their dog close in times of destressing.

Doctors of Animal Science all around the United States were blown away on how effective it was.

The Thundershirt was made for dogs that were afraid of loud noises, like fireworks and thunder, but inadvertently helped dogs with all types of anxiety.

Best Thundershirt Reviews

Thundershirt Benefits

  • Patented design that applies gentle, constant pressure
  • Calms dogs during storms, fireworks, travel, grooming, vet visits, separation
  • No more Separation Anxiety Medication
  • Recommended by veterinarians and trainers worldwide
  • Proven to be over 80% effective
  • 100% money-back guarantee


My Personal ThunderShirt Review

I came home one night after work and let both dogs out of their dog crate to use the bathroom out back in the fenced yard.

Ace, on the other hand, wasn’t having any part of being outside, he immediately plastered his entire body up against the sliding glass door!

As funny as it looked, I knew he was super freaked out. I wasn’t quite sure why, “because he’s a scaredy-cat.” I walked out back with him to see what was the matter.

I didn’t see anything, and I figured he just heard someone talking or something.

Then I heard a very faint “boom” in the distance, and he immediately ran back to the door desperately wanting inside.

He hadn’t been out to use the bathroom for over 8 hours because I was at work, and I didn’t want him to have any accidents inside.

Luckily, I was able to coach him to at least take a pee before heading back in.

We waited for the fireworks to end together, before going back outside so that he could actually take a crap.

Yes, he was so freaked out he wouldn’t even use the bathroom.


Buying a Thundershirt

I knew I had to get him help, or he was going to be a complete wreck again this year over the 4th of July. I went online and searched a few terms like “anxiety shirt,” dog anxiety vest,” etc.

That’s when I first came across Thundershirt and read the reviews and watched the video.

Everything checked out, and it looked like it would do the job. I absolutely did not want to put Ace on anxiety medication unless I had too.

I purchased my anxiety vest from Chewy and it arrived right on time, a few days before the 4th. I slapped the jacket on Ace the next night when I got home and immediately noticed a difference. I was honestly surprised, to tell you the truth.

We used it every night leading up to the big day. Th 4th OF JULY! We both were dreading it, well, Ace didn’t have a clue how bad it was going to be. But I DID!

I hate seeing my dogs upset and will do anything for them.

The fireworks started pouring in around 8 pm, and so did Ace. He came flying into the office straight underneath my desk.

After coaching him out, I told him it was going to be okay. He wasn’t havening it and went straight back under.


Appling the Thundershirt

I was hoping since we used the vest a few days before the 4th of July it would help him understand that everything was going to be okay, but it didn’t.

Which is perfectly okay, I knew that was going to be a long shot. The anxiety vest is meant to help soothe their anxiety not completely cure it in a week.

After getting him out from under the desk, I put the Thundershirt on him and let him go. He went straight back under my desk.

But after around 20 minutes or so, he came out and walked around the house and even ate the food that he didn’t eat earlier ‘cause he was freaked out.

He even roughhoused with his brother a little bit, then lied down in his dog bed.

I was impressed, who knew something so simple could be so effective?


Thundershirt Final Thoughts

Personally, I would recommend the Thundershirt to anyone that has a dog with ANY type of anxiety issue whether that be loud noise, phobia, or separation dog anxiety.

I 100% would repurchase this product, and have nothing negative to say about it.

If it can help Ace, I have no doubts that it can help your dog or any other dog for that matter. Noise phobias and other anxieties are a real thing for dogs.

You should never take them lightly. There have been cases where dogs end up getting killed because they jump out of glass windows, or break their teeth trying to get out of dog crates, rooms, fences, etc.

Be a responsible dog owner and get your dog the help they deserve.


Thundershirt Reviews From Real Customers on

Thundershirt Reviews

By Chloe on Aug 30, 2019

I bought this product near the end of the thunderstorm season, after witnessing my 9-year-old Staffishare terrier mix stress out with every loud noise he heard. “I’ve only been his mom for a short while.” I was very tentative about this purchase because of the price, and now wish I had gotten mine sooner.

It doesn’t resolve all of my dog “franklin’s” issues, but it does an excellent job mitigating his stress. The reviews for this product mostly lead me to believe the Thundershirt’s effectiveness depends on the dog.

That’s probably true, as in Franklin’s case its all or nothing. He’s still scared and hides away in the basement. “which is better than crawling into the bathtub like he used to do!”

He’s no longer panting and drooling, he only shakes the first few minutes he has the Thundershirt on, but then the shaking becomes imperceptible – it becomes much milder and may subside altogether.

Essentially, if you have a nutty “lovable” dog-like mine, this isn’t going to change their personality, but it sure does help make them a bit more comfortable.

I recommend this product! On sizing: Franklin is a Staffie Mix “with a deep chest but pretty compact”. He’s about 65-70 lbs, and we bought him a size large. It fits well, though he was on the line. I say Go for IT!


By Sportsmaven on Jul 17, 2019

We have a GS yes a (German Shepherd) because she lived her first three years in a cage and only left to mate. She didn’t have any comfort or discipline.

She is very smart and learned everything so easily “after the rescue”. Anyway, she gets scared of things like the trash truck, delivery trucks and even certain noises on TV.

She has decided the laundry room is her place to hide when she needs to. So the ThunderShirt was the right choice. Along with calming bites she does a lot better now, though we don’t have to use them much.

Our other dog “ a lab-husky mix” is a comfort dog for everyone. Then there are the calming bites. With all that, she is doing much better.

The Thundershirt is very easy to put on and we followed the instructions to a T. She didn’t seem scared at all “that in itself was a miracle” We recommend it. As always it came in warp speed time.


By MammaSonny on Jul 3, 2019

After talking about buying one of these for to many years we finally took the leap and purchased the Thundershirt this year. Since the firework season was fast approaching and it works.

At the sound of the very first “boom” we snuggled Sonny in and the intense shaking stopped and he relaxed peacefully throughout the rest.

We even gave it to our friends to try it on their dog who is quite active in the house and she chilled out immediately. It’s definitely worth giving a try for your pup. Wish we would’ve bout this years ago.


By Cassie on Mar 26, 2019

Our 80ish pound lab-pit mix is terrified of loud noises, so we had purchased this shirt in hopes it would help him calm down faster.

We previously used calming aids and would take him to secure corner of the home to help calm him down. But it would take upwards to 1 hr sometimes before he would calm down.

At times he would be too scared to even take his pills. But with the thundershirt, he is able to calm down quicker and even roam around the house more easily while being nervous rather than run away and hide.

The last time we had thunder, we put his shirt on and he didn’t even need the pills. He was calm within like 20 minutes.

When it first arrived I was afraid that because the package I had gotten looked to small for him “we got large” but it was perfect for him. He loves having his shirt on and walks around the house with a lot more confidence while wearing it. So glad we got it fro him.

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