About Dog Zoned

Our History

Inspired by my dog Tyson

The year was 2017 I hated my job at the tech company that I had been working at since 2014, the shifts were long, sporadic and stressful.

When I say sporadic I mean just that…

I was on a two-week rotation where I had to work first shift for two weeks then switch over to night shift for two weeks… oh and these were 12-hour shifts!

It was horrible, and I thought I was going to go insane!

I wanted to quit more times than I can think, but I knew I had to make a living not just for my sake but by dogs.

Yes, my dog!

I felt as if my life meant nothing, I was stressed out and depressed… I was over everything! just wanting it all to end, I felt alone in the world…

My day consisted of lying in bed and trying to sleep the day away. The only happiness I had was my dog Tyson, he was the rock that kept me grounded through everything.

It didn’t matter how upset, mad or depressed I was he was always by my side ALWAYS, he never left me alone and for that I am forever grateful…

One-night I had enough, I started to hyperventilate… I wanted out of the corporate grind, I felt hollow inside. Just a cog in the wheel, something that would just get replaced as soon as it’s no longer needed.

That break down was the catalyst that would drive me to take control of my life and destiny.

I wanted out, I wanted out of my 9-5 job! I wanted a job that meant something to me and that I loved.

Research lasted for weeks but nothing sparked my interest, I remember looking over at Tyson and asking him what I should do with my life.

That’s when the seed was planted… the seed that would one day become Dog Zoned.

Tyson inspired me to make a website about Pitbull’s called UnShackledPit.Com

Why Pitbull’s? Well, Tyson is an American Pitbull Terrier and he ultimately saved my life. He was the one that got me through all the darkness and guided me to the light.

For this I owe him my life and I wanted to repay him somehow and since the Pitbull breed saved my life and I wanted to return the deed!

The love I have for Pitbull’s runs extremely deep, I fell in love with the breed the day I brought Tyson home with me.

I never understood how people could be so cruel to the breed.

It would infuriate me to hear or read a story about someone mistreating a Pitbull and getting away with it. The Pitbull breed undergoes horrendous acts of violence and justice is never given to them.

People committing these crimes get off scot-free with just a slap on the wrist at most, free to do it all over again…

I wanted justice for the breed

That burning passion put me on the path of rising awareness about the Pitbull breed. My mission was to show the world the true nature.



Years passed, and that same passion stayed with me but amplified! My mission is to help ALL dog breeds as much as possible!

I want to make the world a better place for dogs to live, I want ALL dogs to live a happy, safe, meaningful life.

We believe quality care for dogs includes nutrition, daily exercise, proper training, veterinary health care and lots of love.

Dog Zoned only recommends the best products on the market that have been Pet FDA certified and Vet recommended.



We stay active on social media to connect with millions of people and dogs alike.

Social media is our way to reach the greatest amount of people possible and to make the biggest changes possible.

This is where YOU can become apart of the Dog Zoned family!

Without all of you we are nothing more than a pipe dream, we need YOUR help more than you will ever know to make everything we want to do a reality.

Every time you share an article on Dogzoned.com or a video on YouTube you are potentially changing or saving a dog’s life.

Here at Dog Zoned we are all family and we want to be the biggest family on the planet!

You can become apart of the family by simply being involved with us! We are happy to have each and everyone of you!

Let’s make a better world for ALL Dogs TOGETHER!

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