Shiba Inu Shirts

View All Designs Shiba Inu Premium Tee ($18.95) Shiba Inu Hoodie ($39.95) Shiba Inu Leggings ($14.95) Shiba Inu Coffee Mug ($13.95) Shiba Inu t shirts Japan is known for many things- samurai, geishas, sumo; the list is inexhaustible. However, one of the hidden, yet most remarkable treasures of Japan is the Shiba Inu.  The smallest … Read more

Rottweiler Shirts

View All Designs Rottweiler Premium Tee ($18.95) Rottweiler Hoodie ($39.95) Rottweiler Leggings ($14.95) Rottweiler Coffee Mug ($13.95) Rottweiler T Shirts Likened to Hercules, the mythical Greek hero, the Rottweiler breed is strong and loyal. Hailing from Germany where they were used to drive cattle and pull carts, the physique of the Rottweiler is as unique as … Read more

Pitbull Shirts

View All Designs Pitbull Premium Tee ($18.95) Pitbull Hoodie ($39.95) Pitbull Leggings ($14.95) Pitbull Coffee Mug ($13.95) Pit bull T Shirts The bad reputation that Pit bulls have is a travesty. Millions of the breed experience prejudice that results in unfair treatment, horrendous quality of life and often death; the worst part is that this … Read more

German Shepherd Shirts

View All Designs German Shepherd Premium Tee ($18.95) German Shepherd Hoodie ($39.95) German Shepherd Leggings ($14.95) German Shepherd Coffee Mug ($13.95) German Shepherd t shirts Practically any positive trait you would like to have in a dog can be attributed to a German Shepherd.  Obedient, loyal, intelligent- the list goes on and on.  All of … Read more