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1.2 Million: Shelter dogs die each year
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10% of all sales help save shelter Huskies
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Each shirt sold gives hope to a Boxer in need

Husky T Shirts

Referred to as champions of the arctic, the mystic wolf-like appearance of the Husky always seems to draw people in. Whether it be the thick coat that comes in a myriad of markings or the icy blue eyes that mesmerize, the appeal is undeniable.

While easy to love, the Husky is not an easy dog to own. They have a stubborn and independent streak that is not easily mastered. They also are escape artists, and require secure and sturdy fencing to keep them contained. The Husky has so many redeeming qualities that the above hardly matters.

Their disposition is agreeable and they are highly socialable animals. They do not shy away from work, and work with an endurance that is almost indescribable. Easy to train, they make good family dogs and are especially lovable with children.

This is largely why the breed is so popular, along with our Husky apparel! Buy yours today and let everyone know that the Husky is near to your heart.

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